Start Your Summer with Three of the Best Apologetics Resources Available

by Ken Ham on April 7, 2021
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What are the three best creation-apologetics resources available to you and your family? Well first of all, I believe two of the very best are our video-streaming platform, Answers TV, and our biblical worldview family magazine, Answers. With these two resources, you’ll discover in-depth answers and build a more biblical worldview. And both are for the whole family!

They are wonderful tools to come alongside you in helping you disciple your children.

Answers TV features animal, science, and creation adventure programs, like Buddy Davis’ Out and About and Amazing Adventures, Peter Schriemer’s Hike and Seek, Avery Foley and her family’s Schus Off!, Roger Patterson’s (“Mr. P”) Unlocking Science. You’ll also find Bible lessons and lots of Scripture-based music. Kids rave over these programs (and so do many parents!). They are wonderful tools to come alongside you in helping you disciple your children.

On Answers TV, we also offer past conferences, livestreams, in-depth presentations, documentaries, and more from Answers in Genesis—and ministry partners like Living Waters, Wretched Radio, and even select videos from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. With over 3,000 videos, there’s so much on Answers TV to help you grow in your knowledge of God and be equipped to answer the skeptical questions of our day (and teach those answers to your children!).

Answers magazine is the perfect print companion to Answers TV. This quarterly magazine features articles on the latest in creation apologetics, fascinating peeks into God’s creation, and deep biblical worldview questions that have massive significance in our world today. It also features content that helps you get more from your Answers TV subscription so it’s great to get these two resources together.

Included with each issue is a free 16-page children’s magazine, Kids Answers, that we’ve recently expanded, updated, and enhanced. Each Kids Answers engages your children with the following:

  • Amazing animals that glorify their Creator
  • Interesting science facts
  • Kid-friendly biblical apologetics
  • A fun science experiment that investigates the wonders of God’s creation
  • At least two write-on activity pages, featuring puzzles and games
  • The all-new “Wander Family” teaching stories, Wanders in Creation (see sample story).

Discover all the features you’ll enjoy with an Answers TV and Answers magazine subscription—there’s so much for the whole family!

The homeschool edition can be used as a family Bible study.

Now, the third resource is our Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. This great new resource can even be used for family Bible-teaching time. It is the homeschool edition of our powerful Answers Bible Curriculum used in thousands of churches—teaching apologetics, worldview, doctrine, and it’s chronological. The homeschool edition can be used as a family Bible study. It’s available in grades K-5—but really, you can use it for the entire family. We have a video explaining how this can be done:

Subscribe to two of the most powerful creation apologetics resources for the whole family today on our website—and to obtain ABC Homeschool for your family, visit

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