Watch an AiG Artist Create an Answers Bible Curriculum Poster

by Ken Ham on February 25, 2020
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God has brought an incredible amount of talent to Answers in Genesis. It’s because of these gifted individuals that we’re able to produce the high-quality content that you know and love. One of these excellent products is our Answers Bible Curriculum. It is a Sunday school curriculum that goes through the Bible chronologically in four years. It also has an emphasis on apologetics and biblical authority. Part of the curriculum includes beautiful lesson posters that take roughly 30–50 hours each to make. You can watch a fascinating time-lapse of one of our artists developing two of these posters!

Austin, one of our talented artists, designs and illustrates these posters digitally. He created these fascinating time-lapse videos to show exactly how much work and detail goes into creating each and every one of the posters.

This first video is for Lesson 145, focusing on Matthew 12:22–28. In that passage, the Pharisees accuse Jesus of casting out demons by Satan's power. This poster illustrates Jesus' response, saying that a kingdom divided against itself will not stand, which is why his miracles had to be from God rather than Satan.

This second video is for Lesson 147, focusing on Matthew 14:22–27 and Luke 5:4–7. The miracles of Jesus come to life as he walked on water and brought Simon Peter a huge catch of fish to show his power over creation.

These lesson posters are just a sampling of what’s included with the Answers Bible Curriculum. I encourage you to try it out. (You can find a month of lessons for free at

Not only are the supplements, such as lesson posters, of remarkable quality but also the content itself really stands out. ABC goes through the Bible in four years and is filled with apologetics, biblical authority teaching, and fascinating background information that brings the accounts of Scripture to life. Try it today at

Over 10,000 churches have been using Answers Bible Curriculum!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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