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Lessons for all ages (Toddler to Adult) help you bring the Bible to life in your classroom or small group.

Answers Bible Curriculum brings the Bible to life! Toddlers (ages 1–3) will learn five important Bible truths, preparing them for a more structured preschool classroom. Then from Pre-K on, this exciting curriculum covers the entire Bible chronologically in four years (200 lessons), providing a powerful overview of God’s Word.

Bring the whole family together with Bible lessons, for kids and adults, for use in small groups, Sunday schools, children’s churches, and more!

What’s the big deal about Answers Bible Curriculum?

With Answers Bible Curriculum, teachers and students of all ages enjoy diving into rich content, memorizing Scripture, and learning how to apply the Bible to their daily lives.

Sunday School Lessons: the Bible

Whole Bible

Answers Bible Curriculum (Pre-K to Adult) goes through the entire Bible in the order the events actually happened, helping it make sense.

Sunday School Lessons: Growth

Whole Family

From Toddlers to Adults, Answers Bible Curriculum allows the whole family to learn and grow together.

Sunday School Lessons: Shield

Whole Truth

Answers Bible Curriculum is filled with Scripture and encourages believers in their faith, equipping them with answers for a skeptical world.

ABC Curriculum Sunday School Lessons

Bring the Bible to life! Discover God’s plan of redemption.

Sunday School Lessons: Truth Icon

The Bible Is Trustworthy

Sunday School Lessons: Sheild


Sunday School Lessons: Bible

Chronological & Historical

Sunday School Lessons: Crown of Thorns

God’s Redemptive Plan

Sunday School Lessons: Crown

God’s Attributes

Sunday School Lessons: Growth

Life Application

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What People Are Saying

Sunday School Lessons: Bryan Osbourne

“This is a unique, powerful curriculum—a phenomenal tool for eradicating biblical illiteracy and equipping Christians of all ages to defend their faith!"

Bryan Osborne, Speaker and Answers Bible Curriculum specialist
Answers In Genesis

Sunday School Lessons: Kathy Morales

“Our teachers are so on fire that they can't wait for the next Sunday to teach this..."

Dr. Kathy Morales, Women's Ministry Director
Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain in Las Vegas, NV

Sunday School Lessons: Mike McClure

“If you want to change your city, start with reaching this next generation. And the best way to do that is start using the Answers in Genesis curriculum for your church and school. I can't recommend it enough!”

Mike McClure, Senior Pastor
Calvary Chapel of San Jose, CA

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