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Topics Covered

The first four lessons of ABC Sunday school provide a firm foundation to ground our faith in the Word and character of God.

  1. God’s Word is Our Foundation
  2. Attributes of God
  3. We Can Know God Exists
  4. The Trinity

What’s Included?


Your free Sunday school lessons include digital versions of all the key components for all six age groups from the updated and expanded Answers Bible Curriculum 2nd Edition.

  • Teacher & student guides (PDF)
  • Take-home sheets (PDF)
  • Family devotionals (PDF)
  • Games, activities, and crafts (PDF)
  • PowerPoint slides (PPT)
  • PreK–1st flip chart (PDF)
  • Justin & Jessie stories (PDF)
  • Posters for lessons, memory verses, etc. (PDF)
  • Memory verse songs & videos (MP3, MP4)
  • Supplemental video content (MP4)

Seasonal Lessons

Free seasonal Sunday School Lessons are available for Pre-K through Middle School! Download includes teacher guide along with posters, games, seasonal activities, take-home sheets and more.

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