Why Study God’s Attributes?

by Ken Ham on February 26, 2020
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How do we know who God is? Well, there are a lot of false ideas in our culture about who God is. It’s very popular to believe God is this fuzzy, nebulous idea of love; he expects nothing of you, but he’s there if you’re in trouble. Or what about the idea that God is all judgment—ready to strike down anyone who doesn’t get everything “just right.” And then there’s the popular belief that God is in everything or that we can just base who God is to us on our experiences. Which view is right?

Children must learn to know the one true God, who is he, and what he is like so they can separate the one true God from all the fakes.

None of them! But how do I know that? Well, it’s not just my opinion versus other opinions out there. I have an authoritative source that tells me who God is . . . and what he is like. And that source is the Bible, God’s Word. It’s the direct, written revelation from God to us about who he is, what he is like, who we are, what our problem is, and what he has done for us.

Children are growing up in a very pluralistic society today. There are many different gods and views of God. They must learn to know the one true God, who is he, and what he is like so they can separate the one true God from all the fakes. That’s why we decided to make our Answers Vacation Bible School (VBS) for 2020, Mystery Island, a study of just some of the attributes of God.

Throughout the week of VBS, kids will discover God is great, almighty, ruler, Emmanuel (“with us”), and trustworthy. Along the way, they’ll discover who we are in relation to God and why we need a Savior, the Lord Jesus. It’s another powerful AiG VBS that’s packed with apologetics, biblical authority teaching, and the gospel message.

If your church does VBS, I encourage you to consider using Answers VBS. It’s truly unique in the world and loved by thousands of churches. Order Mystery Island today at AnswersVBS.com.

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