64 Years Since Rosa Parks’ Courageous Refusal

by Ken Ham on December 1, 2019
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On this day in America—64 years ago—Rosa Parks, an African-American seamstress, famously refused to give up her seat on the bus for a “white” passenger. (Although we argue that there are no truly “black” or “white” people, we’re all different shades of brown.) Her courageous act landed her in jail. Still, she sparked a successful boycott, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and her case eventually reached the US Supreme Court—which ruled that the segregation laws of Montgomery, Alabama, were unconstitutional. Rosa Parks is now considered the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement” in America. Although segregation has mostly disappeared since 1955, sadly, racist attitudes have not. How can we effectively combat racism?

All people are one race as the Bible teaches and science has confirmed.

I spoke on this very topic during our Answers for Pastors conference this year. I shared what Scripture teaches about so-called “race”—that we’re all one race! We’re all descendants of the first two people, Adam and Eve, and therefore there’s only one human race (Acts 17:26). The reason there are different people groups, or ethnicities, around the world, is because of the event at the Tower of Babel. It broke up the human population as each group took its unique combinations of genetic information, and soon different people groups arose. But all people are one race as the Bible teaches and science has confirmed. We share these truths through striking exhibits in both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter and in books I’ve co-authored.

Because we’re all one race, we all have the same ultimate problem—sin. We all sinned in Adam and continue to sin. And we all have the same solution—the Lord Jesus Christ, who stepped into history as the God-man, a descendant of Adam, and lived a perfect life. He then died on the cross, taking upon himself the penalty of death that we deserve because of our sin. He then rose from the grave and now offers the free gift of eternal life to all who will put their faith and trust him in. It’s the gospel that’s the answer to racism!

You can watch part one of my presentation below (and find part two on Answers for Pastors 2019 playlist):

I encourage you to watch this video, then go to the Answers for Pastors 2019 playlist and watch the other videos from Bodie Hodge, Dr. Johnny Hunt, Dr. Voddie Bauchum, Dr. Charles Ware, and Joe Owen. You will be blessed and will get a deeper understanding of this issue and how we can biblically respond.

One Race One Blood Curriculum

Another way you can learn more about this vital issue is by using our brand-new One Race One Blood Small Group Bible Curriculum. This curriculum has twelve DVD lessons, featuring five different speakers, a leader guide, and a student guide. It will help you address a contentious, hot-button issue through the lens of a biblical view, always keeping the gospel at the center. I strongly encourage churches across America to use it—we need a generation of Christians who know how to think about this issue through the lens of Scripture.

You can order our One Race One Blood Small Group Bible Curriculum from AnswersBookstore.com.

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