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One of the remarkable exhibits at the Ark Encounter is our Rainbow Covenant display. It’s a beautiful piece of artwork created by the very talented Oscar Nava, an artist from Mexico who paints and designs in a unique style. And now, from our website, you can order his beautiful art pieces which use this same artistic style. Buy them as gifts or for your own home or office.

Rainbow Covenant Exhibit

Oscar’s custom Ark-themed art is truly unique and beautiful. And it’s now featured on puzzles, key chains, in coloring books, magnets, and so much more.

Bring these totally unique and beautiful gift items home—they make great conversation starters about the Ark and the flood. And, from that, you can talk about the message of God’s mercy and his offer of salvation.

Browse the Oscar Nava Gift Collection at

Visit before the end of August for special savings and two free pages from Oscar's coloring book to download, print, and add your own vibrant colors.

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