Truths for Grandparents Workshops at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on August 18, 2019
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My wife, Mally, and I have seventeen grandchildren, and we love it! Being a grandparent is a wonderful blessing, but it’s also something of a responsibility. With the blessing of our children, we have the privilege and responsibility, with the encouragement of their parents, of pouring into the lives of our grandchildren, declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation. And here at the Creation Museum, we have an exciting resource to help you as a grandparent answer your grandchildren’s questions and encourage them to think biblically: Truths for Grandparents workshops at the Creation Museum.

These workshops are presented by our Creation Museum volunteer coordinators, Steve and Ruth Carter, who have 13 grandchildren themselves. They do a wonderful job equipping grandparents to help their grandchildren think biblically. These free workshops (included with your Creation Museum admission) include:

  • Truths About Fossils for Grandparents
  • Truths About Ape-men for Grandparents
  • Truths About Noah’s Ark for Grandparents

These workshops are coming up this fall. So, if you’re a grandparent, I encourage you to plan your visit to the Creation Museum around one of these workshops. You will enjoy the Carters’ excellent teaching! Actually, many unique Bible-affirming workshops are held at the Creation Museum at various times throughout the year.

Watch this short testimony of a recent attendee, who was blessed by the workshop he attended and said, "I have for the first time in my life an absolute, clear understanding that evolution is not true! It is the BibleGod created us the way we are, and that’s just what it is! And this was so worthwhile to hear this today."

Learn more, see a full list of workshop dates and times, and plan your visit at

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