Overnight Adventures at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on August 7, 2019
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We want as many young people as possible to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky and learn of the truth of God’s Word and the gospel message. That’s why we offer special pricing options for children and youth, as well as free admission for every child 4 and under. And we’ve made it even easier for you to bring your entire youth, middle school, or Christian school group with our very popular Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Overnight Adventures programs.

Each attraction has a different overnight experience to offer.

With our Overnight Adventures, groups with young people aged 9–17 spend the night at either the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum. And each attraction has a different experience to offer. Here’s what you can expect with a Creation Museum Overnight Adventure:

  • Flashlight tour of the Creation Museum. See all the exhibits in the dark—and keep your eyes open for the dinosaurs!
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Educational and entertaining videos
  • Bedtime snack
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Private Stargazer Planetarium showing before the museum opens
  • Tour the Museum, Eden Zoo, and botanical gardens during regular operating hours

An Overnight Adventure at the Ark Encounter includes:

  • Admission to the Ark Encounter after regular operating hours, allowing your group to tour at their own pace
  • Games
  • Educational and entertaining videos
  • Bedtime snack
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of Ararat Ridge Zoo
  • Tour the Ark, Ararat Ridge Zoo, and gardens during regular operating hours

These Overnight Adventures are reasonably priced and cheaper than putting the entire youth group up in paid accommodations. And, of course, it’s way more fun and offers exciting experiences not available otherwise.

More than ever, young people need to get answers to the skeptical questions of our day, learn how to think biblically, and understand that God’s Word can be trusted. Bring your youth or Christian school group to both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum to equip them as we prepare the next generation to stand boldly on the authority of God’s Word and proclaim the gospel.

Learn more, or book your Overnight Adventure, at ArkEncounter.com/overnights and CreationMuseum.org/overnights.

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