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by Ken Ham on June 1, 2019
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Evolution is an inherently racist philosophy (some of the statements Darwin wrote in his book The Descent of Man make that very clear!) with no good answer to the question of race. Most evolutionists recognize that genetically and biologically there’s only one race (something that does not fit with evolutionary predictions, by the way, but is expected based on the true history of humans presented in the Bible). They struggle to give good answers to the issue of race within their own worldview. But Christians who start with God’s Word in Genesis don’t have that problem because the Bible’s history has the answer to racism.

According to that history—the true history of the world—there’s only one race, the human race because we’ve all descended from Adam and Eve. That’s why we’re all sinners in need of a Savior, the last Adam, Jesus Christ. One biological race, but two spiritual “races.”

Any Christian would benefit from the answers given at this Bible-affirming conference!

The church needs to be equipped to think biblically on this vital issue. And that’s why One Race, One Blood is the theme for our 2019 Answers for Pastors and Christian Leaders conference, October 8–10, 2019, at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, United States. This conference is specifically geared towards pastors and other leaders but is open for anyone who would like to go. Any Christian would benefit from the answers given at this Bible-affirming conference!

This conference features presentations from Dr. Johnny Hunt, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Dr. Charles Ware, and many others, including of your favorite speakers from Answers in Genesis. It’s sure to be a wonderful time of learning, equipping, and growing in “grace relations.”

The early-bird registration discount ends June 30, 2019, so be sure to register now to secure the 15% savings. Your voyage pass gives you admission to all conference sessions, free admission to the Ark Encounter and the nearby Creation Museum for seven consecutive days, free parking at both attractions, a 10% discount on retail, and more.

Last year's Answers for Pastors and Christian Leaders conference sold out, so I encourage you to register today for this unique equipping event.

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