Dig Deeper into Answers Bible Curriculum with Free Video Resources

by Ken Ham on December 31, 2018
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Want to dig deeper into the lessons offered in our Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC)? Our curriculum specialist, Bryan Osborne, has been making videos to supplement each lesson in ABC. This Sunday school curriculum is a unique resource. It teaches through the Bible chronologically in the order the events actually happened, and integrates biblical authority teaching, creation, and general Bible apologetics throughout. And with these new videos, the curriculum is now better than ever.

These faith-building videos can be used as an extra resource for teachers to help them prepare for the lesson or they can be shown in the class to all the students. Even if you don’t use ABC, if you’d like to watch them, they are available free on YouTube and can be used to learn more about God, the Bible, doctrine, theology, apologetics, etc., even without the curriculum. ABC teachers can find them on YouTube or as part of the digital downloads with ABC.

If your church doesn’t use ABC, I encourage you to consider switching over to it. There’s truly no other curriculum like it. The chronological teaching brings the Bible to life, the biblical authority teaching helps students think foundationally, and the apologetics equips them to defend what they believe.

It’s also synchronized across ages, from preschool to adult, so each group is learning the same thing at the same time (just at varying levels of deepness), helping the family learn and grow in God’s Word together. Over 10,000 churches use this curriculum, and we’ve heard from so many of them that it’s revolutionizing their Sunday school program.

Learn more, and try one month of lessons for free, at AnswersBibleCurriculum.com.

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