Give the Gift of Experience

by Ken Ham on December 15, 2018
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Americans own a lot of stuff—apparently the average American home has over 300,000 items in it! Because of this, many individuals and parents are increasingly asking instead for gifts of experience, rather than gifts of “stuff.” Gifts of experience often bring families or couples together to do something fun and make life-long memories—without cluttering up the house. And we’ve got some exciting gifts of experience, including trips to dinosaur digs, the wilds of Alaska, and a comedy night out—experiences that can have an eternal, spiritual impact.

These gifts will not only build wonderful memories, but will also encourage individuals and families to trust God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are some “gifts of experience” ideas from Answers in Genesis:

  • Gifts cards to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. Gift cards for our two world-class attractions in N. Kentucky are wonderful for the whole family. They can be used towards admission at either attraction, our delicious food, or a souvenir or resource from either of our gift shops.
  • An Evening to Remember (February 8, 2019). Enjoy a couples’ night out with a delicious dinner and family friendly comedy with “God’s Comic” Brad Stine at the Creation Museum.
  • Creation Caving Adventure with Buddy Davis (March 16–17, 2019). Get out the hiking boots and get ready for a spelunking adventure with Buddy through Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee—you even have the option of sleeping overnight in the cave! The whole family is welcome.
  • Dinosaur Dig (July 22–26, 2019). Head to eastern Montana for five days of searching for dinosaurs with adventurer Buddy Davis. While there, visit spectacular places such as Yellowstone National Park (not included in the dig itinerary). At the dig, enjoy music and teaching from Buddy and take home some souvenir fossils. This would be a great family gift (children must be 12 and up).
  • An Answers Conference. For the woman (or women) on your list, consider sending them to our Answers for Women conference, Sacred: Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality (April 5–6, 2019). And your pastor (or anyone really) could enjoy our Answers for Pastors & Christian Leaders conference called One Race, One Blood: Biblical and Scientific Answers (October 8–10, 2019). For anyone else who would like to be better equipped to share the gospel (especially consider sending high school or college students to this event), we have Answering Atheists (April 17–21, 2019). All three conferences are taking place at the brand-new Answers Center at the Ark Encounter.
  • South Africa Creation Safari Tour with Living Passages (June 7–17. 2019). See and interact with African wildlife, enjoy luxury accommodations, and try your hand at outdoor activities such as fishing and archery with Drs. Tommy and Elizabeth Mitchell in South Africa. An exciting trip for the whole family (a couple activities are for ages 12 and up).
  • Experience Alaska with Living Passages (June 23¬–28, 2019). Explore the great Alaskan wilderness with Buddy Davis. Spy Alaskan wildlife, enjoy gorgeous views, and relax far away from civilization with the whole family.

I encourage individuals, parents, and grandparents to consider giving these unique “gifts of experience” for their spouses, children, grandchildren, and other family members and friends. Create memories together and help build up a biblical worldview while having a wonderful time.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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