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by Ken Ham
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Christmas is a time set aside to specially focus on Christ and his incarnation as a baby in Bethlehem. But it’s easy for us to get distracted by all the trappings of Christmas, and it’s especially easy for our kids to focus on the presents they’re anticipating, not on Christ and why he came.

To help the children in your church (or home) focus on Christ and dive deeper into why he came, we’re offering free Christmas lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum, our Sunday school curriculum.

Free ABC Christmas Lessons

Download free Sunday school lessons about the real meaning of Christmas.

This free digital download includes:

  • Teacher guide with introduction, Bible lesson, application section, and prayer time
  • Lesson poster
  • Memory verse poster
  • Optional activities including games and crafts
  • Take-home sheets for pre-K through Grade 5
  • And more!

I encourage you to get the free download and experience Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC). This revolutionary Sunday school curriculum, synchronized for all ages (pre-K through adult), chronologically walks through God’s Word with 200 lessons over 4 years. There’s no other Sunday school curriculum like it anywhere in the world! It’s evangelistic and filled with apologetics, doctrine, theology, and more—real meat from God’s Word that children and their parents love. Try it for free today with our Christmas lessons, available from our store. Find out more about ABC at AnswersBibleCurriculum.com.

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