Discover the Real History of the Ice Age

by Ken Ham
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The ice age, a time of wooly mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and glaciers, may seem like a great mystery. But it’s not a mystery when we start with the history found in God’s Word. Indeed, that history actually explains how an ice age is even possible—in a secular worldview it’s very difficult to explain one ice age, let alone the many that secularists believe in.

Now, you may be wondering what the Bible says about the ice age. Well, the Bible doesn’t specifically tell us there was an ice age, but we can observe today that there was indeed an ice age. The evidence it left behind is all around us—including in the glaciers that still exist at the poles. But the Bible gives us the history we need to understand this event.

In order to produce an ice age, three basic things are needed:

  1. Warm oceans. Warm water evaporates faster than cooler water. Warmer oceans would produce excess evaporation.
  2. Cooler land masses. Cooler continents would cause this precipitation to fall as snow, rather than rain.
  3. Cool summers. If the summers are cooler, this snow would not melt as easily, allowing it to quickly pile up and form glaciers.

What could give us all three of these conditions? Well, the global flood of Noah’s day and its aftermath would! Volcanic and other geological activity during and after the year-long flood would warm the oceans. This same volcanic activity would fill the air with ash and dust particles, reflecting sunlight back into space, cooling the air and the continents, and providing the necessary cooler summers.

We know from the geologic record that during and after the flood, the world saw intense volcanic activity. Some of these volcanos dwarf even the largest eruptions in recent history. The flood of Noah’s day (about 4,300 years ago) and its aftermath formed the perfect conditions for an ice age to encapsulate much of the globe in ice and snow.

As the oceans cooled and the continents warmed, the ice age peaked and began to subside. The glaciers began to retreat and now exist largely at the poles. During this time, many creatures thrived and, as the ice age ended and conditions changed, they died out or lost the gigantic varieties. Others died out due to the harsh conditions of the ice age.

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