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ABC Christmas Lessons


In addition to the free month of lessons, we also offer free seasonal Sunday school lessons for Pre-K through Adult. Download includes teacher guide along with posters, games, seasonal activities, take-home sheets, and more. These bonus lessons supplement the 200 faith-building lessons available for purchase and make great standalone lessons for teachers looking for Bible-based holiday lessons.

Use our Christmas lessons to help your students focus on the real meaning of Christmas! Lessons 1A–1C follow a chronology of Christmas from the promised Savior in Genesis to the fulfillment of the promise in the Gospels. Lessons 2A and 2B are standalone topical lessons designed to teach often-misunderstood truths about Jesus and the account of his birth.

Lesson 1

Christmas Lesson 1

Lesson 1A: The Hope of Christmas—God promised to send a Savior

Lesson 1B: The Preparation of Christmas—God prepared for the messenger and the place of Jesus’ birth

Lesson 1C: The Joy of Christmas—The shepherds, Simeon, and the wise men all rejoiced to see Jesus

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Lesson 2

Christmas Lesson 2

Lesson 2A: Jesus Before the Manger—Jesus is eternal—he always was and always will be

Lesson 2B: Honoring Christ at Christmas—The Bible helps us focus on what really matters at Christmas time

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