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by Ken Ham on October 6, 2018
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Grandparents, have you ever had your grandchild (or your great grandchildren) ask you a question? Probably hundreds of questions, right? Have they ever asked one about the Bible you couldn’t answer? Did you know that we at Answers in Genesis have recently introduced a new Grandparents section of our website? Here you can get equipped to answer the questions your grandkids ask and be able to equip them to defend their faith.

Our website is loaded with incredible resources that can equip you on a variety of topics. Maybe you’re about to become a grandparent for the first time and aren’t sure how you can influence your grandchild for the Lord. Or maybe you’ve only recently found the Lord and are not sure how to correct the past. We have powerful articles that can help you be a godly grandparent.

Speaking of great articles, be sure to check out our Answers magazine, which is now published bi-monthly. This award-winning magazine contains science, culture, and faith-affirming articles to help equip grandmas and grandpas, and also a Kid’s Answers section that can be used for teaching the grandchildren science and history from a biblical worldview. If you want to provide solid and biblically sound answers to your grandchildren, get equipped with Answers Magazine!

Kids Answers

When you visit the Creation Museum, you can also check out our Answers for Grandparents workshops. Conducted by fellow grandparents, these workshops address some of the most common questions your grandkids might ask you. Best of all, they come as part of your admission to the museum, so no extra charge. Be sure to check out the Creation Museum website for dates and times of these workshops.

We also have hundreds of resources on a wide variety of topics to equip yourself, so you can, in turn, equip your grandchildren. They include Reset for Parents, the Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World set and The 10 Minute Bible Journey. These resources, along with hundreds of others are available in our online store to help you and your grandchildren follow the Lord.

Reset for Parents
Raising Godly Children
10 Minute Bible Study

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