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Our international outreach is quickly growing, especially with the recent opening of AiG–Australia and AiG–Canada. We host dozens of events around the world throughout the year, and we’d love to see you at some of these very popular conferences and other meetings—or you could host your own. These events introduce people to the AiG ministry and the message of biblical authority, equip believers to give answers, and encourage them to share the gospel with others.

Josh Williamson, an Australian evangelist and dynamic speaker with a passion for the gospel and the AiG message, has now joined us to launch AiG–Australia. This means Australians can now request Josh (a very talented, engaging speaker) to come and present at their church or conference. We also have a new online store so those from Australia and New Zealand no longer have to pay expensive international shipping fees or deal with customs issues.

You can meet Josh and learn more about AiG–Australia in this Facebook Live I filmed with him recently here at the AiG offices in Northern Kentucky.

I will be in Australia, speaking twice in Queensland, in September. And Josh is already scheduled for several speaking events. Be sure to check out where and when on the outreach page of our website. You can filter for country and/or speaker to find an event near you.

We also have events coming up throughout the year across Canada. One of those events is an Apologetics Bootcamp for teenagers. This faith-affirming event features AiG–Canada Director Calvin Smith and AiG–US’s Avery Foley (you may recognize her name from Answers News, our twice-weekly news program on Facebook Live), as well as Canadian evangelist Cory McKenna of The Cross Current and Steven Martins from the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity. Youth will be challenged to share their faith and equipped to do so at this unique event.

I encourage you to consider enrolling your children in this weeklong apologetics camp where they’ll will be equipped and encouraged. And check out the many other events happening in Canada by searching our outreach page.

Learn more, search events, and book a speaker for your church or conference at

Shop our international stores at in Australia and New Zealand or for those in Canada.

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