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by Ken Ham on October 19, 2016
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We have some very exciting news about our popular apologetics magazine, Answers. In a time when many magazines are folding or cutting back, we’re expanding! This is virtually unheard of in the print magazine world. We are so thankful for God’s blessing on this award-winning periodical.

Since Answers magazine began 10 years ago, it has been a quarterly publication. Well, instead of four issues, subscribers will now receive six issues per year in their mailbox (or inbox if they subscribe to the digital edition—or both, as many people do) as we expand to a bimonthly publication. With nearly 100 more pages of articles per year, each issue will be slightly shorter, but the increased frequency of six times rather than just four times per year means the total number of articles and pages increases significantly. Even the number of “Kids Answers” sections increases by 50 percent—and your children will love that! That means more cutting-edge, faith-building content each year for adults and children alike!

If you don’t currently receive Answers, you’ll want to subscribe today so you don’t miss another issue. And by subscribing now, you get six issues for the old four-issue price. Each magazine is packed with solid apologetics content to help you and your family build a biblical worldview and to equip you with scientific and biblical evidence that confirm God’s Word is true.

The content is always relevant and beautifully presented. And as an added bonus, every article is now also available in audio format, but only to subscribers. Enjoy it even while you exercise or drive. You will love learning more about God’s Word and His incredible creation.

You can learn more about Answers and subscribe now on our website.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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