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by Ken Ham on November 29, 2015

Some of our AiG supporters might think that, with our hectic schedule in finishing the life-size Ark by July 7, our dynamic speakers may not be as available to travel the country to give creation-apologetics seminars. Actually, we have several quality speakers ready right now to help you build up the faith of your church members, especially the young people sitting in your pews who are increasingly becoming “evolutionized” in their schools, media, and museums (and may be thinking about leaving the church; see our book Already Gone.

One of our busiest speakers, based in Ohio, is Bob Gillespie. He is typically gone most weekends holding seminars in churches of any size, plus speaking in other locations. A former missionary in West Africa, Bob (along with his wife Lois, who helps coordinate his events) conducts dozens of speaking engagements in the US every year, primarily in the major population centers of the eastern part of the country.

While AiG will see many people traveling to Northern Kentucky to visit Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum next year, we recognize that AiG still needs to bring our biblical authority message to countless cities all across the country. AiG wants to reach people who might not ever travel to our area to visit our two Bible-affirming attractions, and to reach them in an affordable way.

More than ever our Christian faith is coming under attack in the culture and, as believers, we need to be equipped to stand firm with solid answers to defend our faith during an increasingly skeptical age.

As you pray about this possibility, please share Bob’s bio with your church leadership and encourage them to host one of his affordable AiG seminars. The outreach section of our website has just been revamped, so it’s even easier than ever to book an AiG speaker like Bob. (In addition, this revised website will better enable you to see if an AiG speaker is coming to your area and help make your plans to attend.)

Here is a photo of Bob speaking to our staff recently, with a copy of my book The Lie shown on the screen:

Bob Gillespie at Staff Meeting

Bob shared the following with the staff regarding The Lie:

[This book] shaped much of my early ministry. While I had been taught presuppositional apologetics at Cedarville University, it was Ken’s book that motivated me to get started teaching apologetics to children and teens. Ken’s diagrams especially helped make everything clear for the audiences. At different schools in Africa, it was necessary for me to defend my beliefs in the Bible, and explain why they were so important. It was Ken’s book that helped me do this, and was eventually used by God to bring me to speak for AiG.

So if you are looking for a dynamic speaker this spring or summer, I encourage you to host Bob Gillespie. By bringing him in, you’ll also be introducing your congregation to the life-size Ark we’re opening in Northern Kentucky on July 7, Lord willing. Request a faith-building event online.

See a list of all of AiG’s world class dynamic speakers.

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