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Bill Nye “the Science Guy” of TV and debate fame has produced a short video that’s on YouTube (and was promoted through various media outlets) supposedly to explain evolution with what’s called Emoji!

Now the video has had about 1.3 million views. And you might be surprised when I tell you that I think it would be a good one for you to sit down and watch with your kids—so that you can clearly show them that evolution is just another fairy tale. And Bill Nye makes it so obvious.

As you start the video, you will hear the following:

Molecules just happen . . . Well somehow, probably with energy from the Sun, these molecules hooked together and accidentally found ways to reproduce themselves.
Yes—“somehow,” “probably”—Bill is using the right sort of words as he explains his fairy tale.

Let's look closely at Nye's statement: “These molecules hooked together and accidentally found ways to reproduce themselves the same way crystals reproduce if you leave them alone for a while.” Now at this stage, you need to explain to your children that the formation of crystals has nothing to do with the origin of life—absolutely nothing! We read the following in an article on the AiG website:

Answers in Genesis molecular geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom has observed . . . “Once again we see scientists claiming that matter plus energy equals the first steps towards life. . . . But all the matter, energy, and ‘spinning crystals’ in the universe won’t cause life to come from non-life. Life requires information and thus, an information giver. The only one capable of creating and encoding this information is the Creator God.”

The wonders of nanotechnology, made more feasible through the physical properties of active matter, may revolutionize technology. But they will not enlighten our understanding of our origins. If we want to understand how the physical world and the living things in it operate today, scientific experiments and observations can show us. But the origin of living cells (and all other kinds of biological life) is a historical question that can only be correctly answered on the basis of the completely truthful testimony of the only eyewitness, the Creator.

Now I encourage you to watch the Check This Out series of videos AiG has on its YouTube channel—at least watch this one (then consider watching the others in the series):

As you continue to watch the video of Bill Nye telling an obvious fairy tale, you will hear him explain how “imperfections” are what enabled life to evolve more “complicated things!” Explain to your children that only slight imperfections in our genes (because of the effects of sin) can cause major problems! Think about some of the sad consequences of imperfections in human genes that result in disabilities, degenerative diseases, and so on. In other words, Bill Nye is claiming that life was built on a series of imperfections—this is nonsense! Imagine a child being told that the more mistakes they make in mathematics, the better their math scores will be!

Notice that he says the key to evolution is time. He states, “The key to this is time, time, time, time . . . ” This is why he goes on to dismiss that the earth can be young and makes a claim that it’s 4.54 billion years old. You can explain to your children at this point that really the belief in billions of years is part of Bill Nye’s worldview—or religion. You see, children can easily see that complicated life can’t be built up on the basis of mistakes, and also that life just can’t come from non-life. So how does Bill Nye even try to get people to believe his fairy tale? Well, he has to get people to believe in billions of years. You see, to believe a process that is unbelievable, you have to get people to believe that given enough time, “somehow” (that’s the word Bill Nye used) it could happen.

Bill Nye is really saying that “somehow,” given his belief in billions of years, life evolved.

And then he states, “Get a mirror, take a look at yourself. We are all a result of evolution.” In other words, he wants kids to look in a mirror and say something like, “I’m a result of billions of years of processes involving imperfections that ‘somehow’ made me by natural processes and there is no God involved.” Right there you can tell your children what Bill Nye is really trying to teach about his fairy tale—that life is just a collection of molecules and therefore is meaningless and purposeless. But what a wonderful time to teach your children the truth about creation and the gospel. Maybe you could read the account of the Good News of the gospel to your family using AiG’s 7 C’s booklet—you can read or download it for free. Bill Nye ends his video in a way that surprised me:

We told a story the way you might do if you had too many Jell-O shots.
In case you don’t know what a Jell-O shot is, it’s a way of consuming alcohol. Is Nye saying that if someone had too much alcohol, that evolution is the type of story they might tell?

Well, I agree he told a story, using the word story in the way many define it today: a fairy tale!

Christians have a very different view of origins, of course. But it’s not a “story.” It’s a true account of history. I teach children that the Bible is “the history book of the universe.”

How about reading Genesis 1–2 to your children and sharing with them the true account of origins?

Yes, Bill Nye’s new video is a great teaching opportunity—for parents to help their children not be indoctrinated by the fairy tale of evolution.

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