The Erosion of God’s Word—It’s Catastrophic!

by Ken Ham

I wrote recently about the new Gallup poll’s results on America’s beliefs regarding the origin of man. Well, more findings have been released, and I believe they illustrate what I’ve been pointing out for over 30 years in my ministry.

The Religion News Service published a chart showing the data about how people view the Bible. As you’ll see if you visit the link, there has been a steady increase in the number of people who consider the Bible to be a “book of fables, legends, history and moral precepts recorded by man.” Current generations (even those people in the church) are certainly more secularized.

In 1984, just 12 percent of people held such views of the Bible. Today, 21 percent hold that the Bible is just a book written by man and is full of fables. That’s 1 in 5 Americans!

But sadly, this false idea of God’s Word isn’t just from the secular world. Unfortunately, there are many Christian academics and church leaders who take a similar position about certain portions of the Bible—especially Genesis chapters 1–11 in this era!

In this day and age, I consider Genesis, out of all the other books of the Bible, to be the most attacked, scoffed at, and ridiculed—from within parts of the church and outside. You see, because of the indoctrination in the belief evolution and millions of years through the education system and media, many people believe that Genesis 1-11 cannot be taken as literal history. As a result, such evolutionary teaching is a stumbling block to many non-Christians even listening to the gospel from the Word of God—and many people in the church are put on a slippery slide of unbelief in the Scriptures as the infallible Word of God.

Reports like this one on the poll emphasize the great need for creation-apologetics teaching in churches and homes.

One way I try to wake up the church about this tragic situation is to use the illustration of how the gospel is presented in Acts 2 to the Jews and where it is presented to the Greeks in Acts 17. When we share the gospel with the lost, we have to remember that in our Western world, we’re not speaking to “Jews” (as was the case years ago), who already had the foundational knowledge of the Creator God and the account of Adam and the fall of man—thus our need for a Savior. No, today we’re increasingly speaking to “Greeks,” those who have virtually no Christian basis of thinking (and have been indoctrinated in evolutionary naturalism), and thus no understanding of the fact man is a sinner in need of salvation. In order to evangelize more effectively today, we need to be equipped to remove stumbling blocks, like evolution and millions of years, which have resulted in people not being ready to even consider the claims of Scripture. We also need to provide the foundation of the gospel by starting at the beginning—in Genesis 1:1.

I encourage you to go to our newly redesigned website where we have a great number of books freely available online that teach how to use creation apologetics effectively. I hope you will also read my book Why Won’t They Listen? for a more in-depth look at this important issue of how to evangelize more effectively.

The world needs to hear the gospel—and they need stumbling blocks removed and the right foundational teaching to understand the gospel! I urge you to boldly stand on God’s Word in every area of life and share the good news today!

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