National Bible Bee Is on the Way

by Ken Ham on November 6, 2012

Next week (November 14–17), 300 students and their families from across the country will be in Sevierville, Tennessee, for the National Bible Bee contest. These students have been working hard since the beginning of the summer to memorize hundreds of Bible verses, and they have been studying First and Second Timothy.

Divided into three different age divisions, the students will be judged based on their ability to recite the passages and also on a test of their knowledge of Scripture and the two books they have studied.

If you live in the area and would like to learn about attending the events, you can find out more on their website. This event will take place at the same convention center where we will be holding our Answers Mega Conference next summer.

One of the major goals of this contest is to promote family discipleship as parents come alongside their children studying God’s Word together. More than just memorizing, the hope is that students will develop a deep love for God’s Word, hiding it in their heart so that they might not sin against Him (Psalm 119:11).

We are greatly encouraged by the work the people at the National Bible Bee do to hold up the Bible as the authority in every area of our lives, and I am pleased to serve on the Board of Advisors for their organization.

Roger Patterson and his family will be representing AiG with a booth promoting our new Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) and as judges for the oral rounds of the contest.

Family discipleship is just as much a part of Answers Bible Curriculum as it is a part of the National Bible Bee contest. Along with apologetics and a deeper understanding of God’s Word, families are equipped with a devotional to connect the ideas that everyone is studying on Sunday in the ABC lessons.

All of this ties into one of the major efforts of AiG—to equip parents and churches to train up their kids in the truths of the Bible. AiG is thrilled to be able to provide some special prizes for this Bible Bee contest.

I would encourage you to begin thinking about participating in this wonderful program. Next summer could be a time to very intentionally disciple your children in the truth of God’s Word.

Registrations for next year’s program begin in April. You can learn more about the National Bible Bee by visiting

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