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A home school group called Living Science loves AiG, the Creation Museum, and the coming Ark Encounter project.

This is the group Dr. Georgia Purdom traveled with to the Galapagos Islands on a unique creationist science endeavor.

Recently, this group sent us a copy of a letter they have sent out to raise money for the Ark Encounter project. I thought you would appreciate reading what this group is doing. It is good to know that there are students of this caliber whom God is raising up in the coming generations.

Here is what they sent out.

Dear parents and students at Living Science,

We returned from the Senior Retreat at the Creation Museum in Kentucky in early October. We were impressed by the Lord at that time to help Answers in Genesis to raise funds for their project to build a life sized ARK. We heard the story about how their vision began, and how God supplied the land for the ARK Theme Park and we observed AIG’s passion for evangelism throughout the Museum. The ARK, when fully operational will be one of the prime tools for evangelization in our nation. Millions of people will be confronted with the claims of Jesus Christ. For that reason, we want to be a part of it.

Ark Model

So we asked Answers in Genesis to provide us with some ideas for donations. They have 4 levels of donations. They are listed in the brochure attached. Your tax-deductible sponsorship donation will be assigned a unique serial number that you can use to look up the location of your peg, plank, or beam in the Ark.

Levels of Donation to help build the ARK:

  1. Buy a peg. The entire ark will be built of wood – no metal. Wooden pegs will be used A peg costs $100.00
  2. Buy a plank. Each plank costs $1,000. If we get enough for one or two planks, we will be able to locate our planks via computer screen on the ARK when we visit it.
  3. Buy a beam. Each beam costs $5,000. Now we are getting ambitious! If we raise enough money to buy a beam, we will be extremely excited. Just imagine walking through the ARK and finding the beam we supplied! Cool!
  4. Now, this is the God-sized vision: The ARK will have hundreds of cubicles inside, explaining various aspects of ARK life. If we raise $10,000 we help to outfit a cubicle inside the ARK. It will include a plaque commemorating Living Science’s efforts to build that cubicle. We are praying for the faith to trust the Lord for an amount that seems absolutely, physically, unattainable for us as students. But that is for the Lord to decide. If He wants us to pursue that goal, we will do it with His blessing and with His help.
To help you, the parents and students of Living Science, we are including a link to the ARK Encounter. This will provide details on everything we have said here, and will give you a much more visual idea of the size and scope of this amazing project. Here is the link:

A poster has been designed to hang up in the great room. It has a thermometer of the donation amount to date, and a wooden ARK sits on the piano. This wooden ARK was hand-made and especially designed to commemorate the construction of the ARK. It belongs to Mr. and Mrs. “D” and we thank them for lending it to us!

500 Piece Puzzle: Any student who gives a donation may add a puzzle piece to the ARK PUZZLE in the great room. The puzzle pieces are arranged carefully in boxes so that students may search through colors and shapes to find one that fits.

Ark Puzzle

Our Challenge to the students and parents of Living Science: Help us to raise a significant contribution to the Ark Encounter, so that the Word of God may impact the millions of people who will visit it.

From the Graduates of the class of 2013

You can find out more about the Ark Encounter project and how you can be a part of it at

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