Foundations Grand Canyon Trip

by Ken Ham on November 7, 2012

Whenever we can, we at AiG love to help support quality ministries that stand for the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. Canyon Ministries, headed by Tom Vail, is one such organization. We partner with Tom for the creationist Grand Canyon trips. Here is another special opportunity from Canyon Ministries.

Canyon Ministries has a new opportunity for people preparing for life and ministry—a trip through the Grand Canyon that specifically addresses the struggles of the learner’s heart and prepares the mind for action. The first of these trips will be July 19–26, 2013.

This eight-day trip features seven days rafting through 187 miles of the Grand Canyon from Lee’s Ferry to the Whitmore Wash. Although the rafts will navigate more than 100 rapids, they will not be the focus of the trip. Trained and experienced leaders will lead informative hikes in some amazing side canyons, yet these will not be the focus either. Christian fellowship will be an amazing part of the trip, but again, that will not be the focus.

The focus of the trip will be the foundational truths found in the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis and how they relate to the Grand Canyon. Students will learn how what is seen in the world, especially its geology, truly upholds and supports what is read in God’s Word. Daily teachings will unpack the Scriptures, equipping students with concepts that can be used in any ministry. Although designed for the college level student, all adults (18 and over) are welcome. We will work with any college willing to provide credit for the trip.

For more information, go to Foundations in Genesis Class.

The following is an endorsement I wrote for Tom Vail and his Grand Canyon ministry:

A ride on one of Tom’s rafts is not only wonderful because of the adventure of running the rapids, but also because of the solid teaching received in geology and the Bible. The experience greatly helped me better understand how the Grand Canyon is a marvelous testimony to what the Bible teaches about the Flood and its after-effects. Of all my travels, none has been more exciting and educational. Highly recommended.

– Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis

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