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Now , I’ve seen all sorts of ways that the world attacks the Answers in Genesis ministry—but I must admit, this is one of the most bizarre. A composer (Robert A. Davidson) from my home city of Brisbane, Australia, wrote about a musical piece he composed about us:

Composed for the 2008 US election night on 4 November, this work was first performed on that night in New York city by Newspeak ensemble. In reflecting on the leadup to the election, I was dismayed that the Republican vice presidential candidate [Sarah Palin] was alleged to be persuaded by the arguments of creationism, believing that the earth is 6000 years old and humans coexisted with dinosaurs.

Being a Brisbane-based composer, I remembered my schoolboy encounters with Brisbane creationist Ken Ham, the man behind the infamous $30 million Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA. He seemed an appropriate link between my own experience and the US election, if the stories about Sarah Palin were to be believed. Ken Ham's voice is used as the basis of the music, his intonation being mimicked by the instruments and framed with harmonic and rhythmic contexts that are designed to emphasise the musical qualities of his speech. Repetition is rarely employed, and long passages of speech are preserved unedited, their melodic direction being followed strictly by the harmony of the music.

You can see this bizarre piece being performed at:

Maybe I should ask for royalties!

Fox Spotted at Creation Museum

Channel 41—the Fox TV affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky (the city is located about a 90-minute drive from our Creation Museum)—sent a reporter and cameraman to the museum this past Tuesday and did some filming. Segments appeared on Friday on its morning news program Fox in the Morning.

A segment or two on the museum may eventually be archived on the station website at this link:

The reporter was especially impressed with the quality of the dinosaur/people animatronics. By the way, The Washington Times newspaper (Washington, D.C.) mentioned the museum last Sunday—it was in an article about reality TV programs and how some of them feature Christian families, like our friends the Duggars and their huge family who visited us last year and the museum segment ended up on the Discovery/TLC network :

Burden for Egypt

Drs Nagy and Nashwa Iskander (who reside in Scotland), as part of AiG’s International Training week, shared their burden to reach their native Egypt this week when they spoke to the AiG staff. They explained that the church that does exist in Egypt is mostly permeated with evolution and millions of years compromise.

Nagy and Nashwa have a burden to reach the 350 million Arabic speaking people with the gospel. They are also extremely active in reaching unchurched young people in Scotland—with a unique outreach that can only be explained in terms of a miracle from God.

I wanted you to hear Nagy and Nashwa share their vision and burden. You will be amazed and burdened. You can hear their presentation at the audio link below.

Here are some photographs taken of Nagy and Nashwa as they made their presentations:











1. Nagy presenting myself and Dr. Crandall with some of the creation booklets they have already translated into Arabic

2. Nagy giving a devotional to the staff on Noah’s “hardest week”!

3. Nagy speaking about his burden for Egypt

4. Nagy and Nashwa sharing their vision for reaching people in Scotland and Egypt with the gospel

5. Nashwa sharing about their vision to evangelize the lost

Pray for Nagy and Nashwa and their incredible work they do in proclaiming the gospel.

Burden for Moldova

After Nagy and Nashwa shared their burden and vision, Alexandru Sanduleac, pastor of First Christian Church, Cupcini, Moldova, presented his vision for reaching the people of Moldova with the gospel. He also shared an extremely powerful testimony as to how AiG resources are affecting young people in that country. It is a “must listen.”

You can hear all these presentations at this audio link.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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