My First Secular Newspaper Editorial Cartoon?

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In what we believe is a first, a Louisville newspaper included an editorial cartoon about the Creation Museum—but with a caricature of me. Of course the cartoon falsely accuses the Creation Museum of rejecting scientific reason (tell that to our PhD scientists!)—and I am not bow legged—but the cartoonist did a nice job on the beard! Here is the cartoon and the link to where it appears in the newspaper (the largest in our state of Kentucky):

The Return of the Pterodactyl

The Pterodactyl at the entrance to the museum’s Dragon Hall bookstore has had a face-lift and the animatronics have been repaired. It is now back inside the Creation Museum welcoming guests to the most unusual museum store in the world! I have included some photographs showing the story of the return of this Creation Museum icon:

Moody Bible Institute Professor Gets Mail

A number of people have sent us email copies of what they sent to Moody Bible Institute, Moody Radio Network, or the theology professor at Moody because of a snide comment this professor made about the Creation Museum on Moody’s national radio network and on its website—essentially saying that our museum was a waste of money to build when there are so many poor and needy people in the world. (See previous blog item about this matter. By the way, because he was presenting a commentary, the professor’s views made on the radio and on its website are not necessarily shared by the staff of Moody Radio or the entire Bible institute.)

Here is one such email we selected that was sent to Moody:

Our family is long time supporters of the Answers in Genesis ministry and the Creation Museum. I can't say enough about what the ministry has meant in our lives and our Christian walk. We are also involved in worldwide missions, and the Museum has been of much importance to our international friends. As you should know by now, the message of the museum is upholding Biblical authority and spreading the Gospel.
It is quite exasperating when I read an article from someone in a ministry position who is quick to criticize other ministries. We believe in the inerrancy and absolute authority of the inspired Word of God. Mr. Litfin can believe what he wants, but why does he take on that tired old liberal attack on others who disagree with him? The Bible clearly instructs us not to judge other believers, but to encourage them, as iron sharpens iron.
He uses several false premises in his article, or "strawman arguments". For example, he states that, "it's time to stop attacking science as some massive demonic conspiracy." That is an absurd and unfounded accusation. As an educated man, he should cite his source before making such a ridiculous statement.
He also asserts that others must stop attacking scientists. The Creation Museum has PhD scientists on staff with credentials from secular universities.
Really, this all surprises me coming from Moody, that you would have someone like this on your staff. You really shouldn't even review or comment on another ministry such as the Museum unless you visit there first. If Mr. Litkin did visit, surely he would not come to such false conclusions.
I have always respected your ministry, and own your literature, but you should not be attacking other believers and other ministries. If Mr. Litfin truly believes what he says, he should sell all his possessions and give them to the poor. If not, he should use his valuable air time, not to elevate himself, but to serve the cause for Christ.
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