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This past weekend, I spoke in at Calvary Chapel, Kendall (Miami), Florida, to one of the most ethnically diverse congregations I have ever seen. I think there was every shade of skin “color” from light to dark. It was so thrilling and such a blessing to see people from so many different ethnic groups worshiping and fellowshipping together.

The audience really appreciated my talk on the origin of so called “races” on Sunday night, giving a standing ovation. To me it was so encouraging to see such a group of people respond so positively to this (and every) message. The pastor told me of a number of people who received the gift of salvation as a result of the five sessions we conducted from Saturday night through Sunday.

I have enclosed some photographs taken this past weekend. The first one is of me and the founding pastor of the church, Pedro.

ken-ham-miami-sunday-nov-2008-002.jpg ken-ham-miami-nov-2008-063.jpg ken-ham-miami-sunday-nov-2008-004.jpg

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“I Had the Answers I Needed”

This is a powerful testimony from a student in the public school system (shared with AiG speaker Carl Kerby), who as a result of the Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum in her life, was able to be a witness to her teacher and fellow students:
Answers in Genesis has been such a blessing for me with my experience in the public school system. Last year in my biology class I knew we were going to be studying evolution, so I read as many of your books as I could. My family and I also took a trip to the Creation Museum, and I was able to bring a friend with me, too. When the time came for that unit, I had the answers that I needed.
My teacher may have been an evolutionist, but since I worked hard in her class, we established a good teacher-student relationship. She had us write a bunch of essays in response to some PBS clips that she had us watch during class. We were allowed to write in accordance to our beliefs as long as they supported “science.” Those essays were a way for me to share my faith, and the AiG website was very helpful with that.
I also brought in one of the New Answers Books for her to look through, and she couldn’t believe how scientifically accurate it was. She actually encouraged other students to read it for a different viewpoint.
This year I’m not in biology, but I still talk to my former teacher sometimes. I’m letting her borrow some of my Dad’s DVDs from AiG. I’m just praying that God will work in her heart in ways that I can’t.
Being in the public school system hasn’t been easy for me, but I consider that my mission field right now. There are so many people that I’m able to talk to that I wouldn’t have come in contact with otherwise. It has also forced me to really know what I believe. Lots of Christians that I’ve noticed are afraid to let their beliefs be made known, but I’ve found that you gain people’s respect when you stand up for what you believe.
There are so many problems in today’s society, and there are so many ministries and organizations that seek to solve all these problems. Answers in Genesis goes to the root of these problems. The simple truth of going back to Genesis is so powerful. As a public high school student, I am very grateful that I have this tool in this generation of “Greeks.” I will keep all you guys at AiG in my prayers. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Over 600,000 in 18 Months

At the end of this month, the Creation Museum will have been open 18 months. We are now over 600,000 in the number of visitors who have come to the Creation Museum. Thousands more are expected over the next few weeks, particularly over Thanksgiving, and then for the incredible Live Nativity/Road to Bethlehem startling programs beginning December 12. For details, go to the Creation Museum website. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bring your family to this unique world-class program.


Left the door open

(Joel 2:32) And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.

In the midst of the greatest calamity of our lives the Lord left the door of salvation open for us–all we had to do was call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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