An Old Friend, Dr. Gary Parker, to Speak at the Museum

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Gary Parker

Dr. Gary Parker

I encourage you to read our front-page web article about my long-time friend Dr. Gary Parker, who is coming to tour the Creation Museum next week (for the first time!). Gary, one of the best creation speakers around, spoke at many of our “Answers in Genesis” conferences in the mid-1990s (when we were a brand-new ministry). God greatly used him (and his wife, Mary, who conducted children’s programs at her husband’s meetings) to help grow the AiG ministry.

Several years before that, Gary and I held seminars in Australia. One meeting was filmed and turned into the Understanding Genesis video series. I still hear from people who have viewed—and still own—that yellow-jacketed VHS set. One person here in our Cincinnati area became a Christian several years ago after watching those videos!

One of the things I remember about the videos? Gary’s ties were quite wide and loud back then (in the 1980s)!

Gary will speak at the museum on Thursday of next week. I hope many of you can come out and hear this superb speaker. And I look forward to seeing him again.


This week you will probably be hearing a lot about a new film (coming out this Friday) called Religulous. As you can tell from the title, it is an effort to make the world’s major religions look ridiculous. It’s hosted by the comedian and talk show host Bill Maher (Politically Incorrect, HBO’s Real Time, etc.) who snuck into AiG and the Creation Museum a few weeks before the museum was finished in 2007 and interviewed me—cameras had been set up in my office for an interview with a “documentary” crew, but just before the cameras started to roll, the crew let in Maher through the back door—and distracted our staff away from my office—and Maher stepped inside.

The interview actually went well, even with Maher’s pointed and mocking questions. I understand that a few minutes of his interview with me are in the film, and, according to our publicist, AiG comes out quite well compared to other groups he met and talked to (and the museum looks great on the big screen).

Our publicist is writing a movie review about the film. She saw it last week at a preview, and her critique will be posted Thursday morning on AiG’s main page.

Devotion: Alone with God

(Isaiah 51:2) Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.

A lost one may be in a large church or by himself in a closet; when God calls He calls that one alone, and that relationship continues between God and that one alone.

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