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In a recent blog I reported on how well-known commentator/comedian Bill Maher of HBO, through an elaborate deception (and because of the graciousness of our staff allowing his video crew to prop open a back door to bring in equipment), entered the AiG building without security permission (as required) to obtain an interview with me. An Associated Press reporter read my blog and wrote an article about this. It appeared in various newspapers across the USA, including our local Kentucky Post and Kentucky Enquirer newspapers.

Just as a follow up to this story, I have attached for you a photograph of the video crew interviewing me before they carried out their plan of deception to get Bill Maher into the building later. I have also attached the two security camera photographs showing Bill Maher entering AiG (without permission and security clearance) and then leaving AiG.

Interview Security Camera

AiG’s Feedback Section So Important

Each Friday, AiG has a feature on its website called FEEDBACK, where one of our writers/researchers responds to an email/letter. We have found this to be a very popular and important feature.

One reader wrote:

I have read many of your replies to non-believers but the reply to: confusion on biology, geology and evolution was stunning. All your replies are good but this one was the best so far, pithy, humble, accurate and humorous. My favorite section.

Another reader wrote:

I discovered your ministry while doing research for an in depth study on the creation-evolution debate in our student discipleship group last year. I have to tell you that of all the sites we used to gather data for the series, yours has by far been the most rewarding to us as instructors and to our students, as they now frequent the sight to find answers to questions their friends are asking them. Last month I was selected for Chuck Colson's Centurions Program, and will spend the next year in intense training to learn how to defend and express a biblical worldview in the public arena. Right now, I feel completely overwhelmed with all the study material and the scope of the endeavor, but I am beyond excited about all the opportunities being a Centurion will afford me in ministry. Having said all that, the main reason I'm writing you is to tell you how important your feedback responses have become to me in my training. It's one thing to study all the background information one needs to give an answer to an unbelieving world for the hope we have, but it all comes into sharp focus for me when I can see the practical way you are using your knowledge and training to give those answers in a logical, merciful and loving way. In Centurions, we are continually being asked what we are going to do with what we are learning, and I'm one of the one's that still doesn't have a clear picture, though I can speculate. When I read your feedback responses I get so excited and tell my husband, "This is what I want to do! I don't know in what context, but this is it!" You all have inspired me more than words can say. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Creation Museum and Disneyland in Same Sentence

The Indianapolis Star newspaper printed an interview they had with the founder of Evolution Sunday, biology Professor Michael Zimmeran. One of the questions this Professor was asked concerned the Creation Museum:

Q: I received a press release earlier this week about this summer's opening of a $27 million museum near Cincinnati that will be devoted to telling natural history from a Bible-based, anti-evolution standpoint. Do you think you will visit it?
A: Probably not. It is not a museum. It is a theme park. I've never been to Disneyland. I've never been to Disney World. To see dinosaurs and humans cavorting together is just so absurd that it seems meaningless to me. The people like Ken Ham who are running that theme park—and Ken Ham is the most successful creationist out there right now—he is an amazing individual. He has laid all the evils of society at the doorstep of evolution . . . that is, we stop accepting evolution, we can defeat AIDS. If that is what he wants taught in our schools, there's a problem

As Disneyland is one of the top tourist destinations in America, I guess one could say it can only be good advertising to put the Creation Museum and Disneyland in the same sentence! He totally misunderstands what we say about evolution and its connection to morality. AiG does not blame AIDS on evolution! What we do say is that because of sin—because people reject God’s Word—many do not obey God’s rules concerning sex (being only in marriage between one man and one woman). The rejection of God’s rules in regards to sex is the main reason for the spread of AIDs. The teaching of evolution/millions of years is one of the main reasons today many reject God’s Word and thus reject God’s rules in regard to sex. There are many other incorrect statements/misrepresentations in this interview.

I am writing this blog from my hotel room in Arkansas before I catch my flight home. There were good crowds at both Worldview Weekend nights and lots of resources purchased by people. So many have told me they are coming to the Creation Museum as soon as it opens. I think it’s going to be a busy summer for us at AiG!

On my way to the conference in Rogers, Arkansas, I met with a group of pastors and others to discuss a major AiG conference in Arkansas in 2008. It certainly seems we now have a working committee so that conference will be organized. One pastor told me that some of his pastor friends were in a difficult situation: they want to support an AiG conference, but if they do, they may get fired by their church as there are compromising academics on their deacon/eldership boards. This is a sad indictment on the church—but also a reality.

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