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On this blog today, I’m going to be directing you to articles on other websites that relate to the AiG ministry and the Creation Museum.

First, on the highly trafficked website, our museum got mentioned in an article about the new “mock-umentary” coming out in movie theaters tomorrow called Religulous—see and the comment about a certain dinosaur in our museum. Last we checked, the story was still on the MSNBC front page under “Entertainment” (that may change, though, as the front page is updated). Well, we should get some extra traffic to our website as a result, so that’s a good thing, even though the article tells how the film’s host, comedian and political commentator Bill Maher, skewers religions and mocks the Creation Museum.

A movie review of Religious is now posted to our home page—it’s written by one of our publicists, who previewed the film last week. I will be seeing it soon myself, since our museum features in the film for a few minutes, but I may go during a matinee so I don’t have to pay as much and thus see Maher profit even more for his anti-Christian tirade.

By the way, I was told that on the ABC TV news program Nightline on Tuesday evening, Maher showed a clip from his film of some of the Creation Museum’s exhibits.

In another media item, one of our adjunct creation speakers, Jim Gardner (of Canopy Ministries), was profiled on the prominent Christian news website of You might want to consider this excellent speaker for your church—use our form at:

Yesterday, two journalists from Norway toured the museum and interviewed Mark Looy, our CCO. They write for Norway’s Museumsnytt (Museum News) and also for a Christian publication called Vart Land (Our Nation), which started as a Norwegian resistance newspaper under Nazi occupation in the 1940s. Today, this daily national paper is still known as a Christian publication. The reporters told Mark that they had to leave the museum before seeing everything (it turned out to be a much larger museum than they expected) so that they could visit the church in Chicago (about 5 hours away) pastored by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, where Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama had attended for many years. Norwegian Christians are apparently very curious about the different churches and ministries in America, and especially how politics and religion mix.

Today, we have a reporter flying in from the leading Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf in Amsterdam (though the correspondent is based in the U.S.), and also a media representative from a Cincinnati radio station—WDBZ—visiting the museum.

Yes, the media are still pouring into the museum. We get either a media phone call or a media visit just about every day—and the museum is now over 16 months old, but it’s apparently still newsworthy. (BTW: Any day now the Associated Press will be releasing a Creation Museum update, and those stories have typically been picked up by several major newspapers around the country.)

Back Home for Dr. Mitchell

After returning from the Pacific Island of Saipan last week on a medical mission and speaking tour, Dr. Tommy Mitchell (and his medical doctor wife Elizabeth) returned to his adopted home of Kentucky, only to quickly turn around and head south to his native Tennessee.

Dr. Mitchell is in middle Tennessee this week, speaking at a three-day Creation Conference at Donelson Christian Academy. He, along with 10 other speakers, is presenting many sessions to both students and faculty during this conference. Dr. Mitchell already spoke at two staff meetings at the school, along with chapel services for both middle school and high school. Two other Christian schools in the area brought their students to hear these messages.

After the high school chapel, one of the students approached Dr. Mitchell and told him that it was the second best chapel service he has ever heard! When Dr. Mitchell asked about the one chapel service that the student had considered the best of all, the student replied, “Well, that was the one where I got saved!” Dr. Mitchell reports that he is quite content to be second best in this instance!

Today (Thursday), Tommy will have the opportunity of holding several question-and-answers sessions, in addition to participating in a series of short presentations given by all of the speakers at the conference. A panel discussion will be held this afternoon. Tonight an open session for the community will be held at the school, and Dr. Mitchell will speak about the age of the earth. If you live near Nashville, think about attending tonight. See:

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