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On a day to day basis, I’m impressed by the servant hearts and God-given talents of the men and women who work here at AiG. Whether it’s the world-class work that’s being done in our Botanical Garden next to our museum by our horticulture team, the amazing attention to detail of our sculptors, the helpful product knowledge of our customer service department or the mind-blowing presentations of our speakers—and I could go on and on and on—I find myself humbled at the way that God has gathered such a wonderful group of eternity-focused people in this ministry.

Sometimes, outside groups recognize the commitment to excellence that permeates this place, such as the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitor’s Bureau did a few months ago in recognition of two of our museum Guest Services people. In recent days I shared a bit about some awards that we’ve been made aware of for the Answers magazine and some of our recent videos. I asked Dale Mason, the VP over our communications division (which includes departments that work on our web site, magazine, radio program, and so on) to see if he could pull together a list of the awards that we’re aware of so far this year. Here’s what he was able to find, but he’s also sure that there are some others that haven’t even been brought to our attention by the staff members who received them;

  • Silver “Telly” award, documentary category, Noah’s Ark: Thinking Outside the Box DVD
  • Silver “Telly” award, promotional category, Amazon Expedition VBS video promo (for the VBS kits)
  • Bronze “Telly” award, promotional category, Noah’s Ark video promo (for the DVD)
  • Bronze “Telly” award, promotional category, Defending the Faith promo (for upcoming Branson conference)
  • 3rd place “Higher Goals” award from the Evangelical Press Assn. the overall design of our Answers magazine
  • 5th place “Higher Goals” award from the EPA for typography and lettering in Answers magazine
  • Award of Merit from the EPA for the overall design and effectiveness of our monthly Answers Update newsletter
  • 1st place “Reader Award” from Home Life homeschool magazine for our Beginnings and Questions Bible curriculums
  • 2nd place “Reader Award” from Practical Homeschooling magazine for our God’s Design elementary science curriculum
  • 1st place “Reader Award” from Practical Homeschooling magazine for our overall content on the Creation Science topic
  • 1st place “Reader Award” from Practical Homeschooling magazine for our Demolishing Strongholds DVD series
  • “Best Commercial” award from National Religious Broadcasters, for the Creation Museum 30-second TV commercial
  • In addition, several AiG videos are up for Crown Awards, to be announced this summer by International Christian Visual Media

In addition, Joseph David Advertising, our advertising agency that created the Creation Museum ad campaign, received numerous “Addy” awards for that huge effort. Read my blog entry from May 3 for more about that. God has truly blessed us with talented people, who work quite hard to honor Him in all they do here. I’m proud of them. Please join me in thanking The Lord, and in praying that this level of excellence will continue and we’ll be a good example to the world that Christians can truly do great work in their vocations!


Dr. Terry Mortenson and I gave another six presentations (plus question time) at the ABWE convention in Pennsylvania. Saturday, we will be speaking at an AiG conference at Bible Baptist Church in Shiremanstown.

ABWE Conference

Devotion: Become Like Little Children

(Mar 10:14–15) But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.

We found that to go forward with God we had to become like little children in readiness to accept, marvel, believe, and trust our Lord Jesus Christ.

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