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Last week back in the office, two museum staff members (who work in the Guest Services department) were honored for service “above and beyond.” In front of the entire AiG staff in our museum’s Men in White theater, a special “hero” award was presented by Barbara Dozier, a VP with the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau, to the husband-and-wife team of Rich and Geri Campbell.

You see, Geri had heard about a family whose car would not start in the museum parking lot (and it was raining). She offered the stranded guests a ride to a hotel, but realizing their full situation, asked if they would like to come to their home. Not only did they put up the family for the night, but provided them dinner and breakfast. They also rented the movie Night at the Museum for all to watch and allowed the family to borrow their car to use. The Campbells also gave them the name of their auto mechanic.

Visit the front page of our website in a day or two to read more about the Campbells and the award given them by the Bureau (with photos). We’ll even share what the secular press has reported on the wonderful deeds of the Campbells (a good Scottish name, by the way, as I have learned on my recent speaking tours of Scotland—my current tour ends this Thursday in Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow).

If this website has been a blessing and encouragement to you, would you please express your appreciation with a gift as we emerge from the usual “summer slump”? You see, donations to almost all ministries drop in August, and we also suspect that because the museum has been perceived as “successful” (with over 182,000 guests since we opened in late May!), many of our ministry friends think we probably have little or no financial needs right now. Actually, our general fund for core ministry needs a pick up right now so that our outreaches can continue with effectiveness. (In fact, the Scottish tour is subsidized by AiG supporters in the US because most places where I’m speaking in Scotland have difficulty paying for airfares, accommodations, meals, publicity costs, etc.)

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