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They kept coming and coming—the traffic was backed up in different directions—at one point backed up to the interstate, as over 2400 people crammed into The Church at Pinnacle Hills in northwestern Arkansas. This was the largest number of people at one time to be in this quite new, beautiful facility. (The pastor is Dr. Ronnie Floyd—well known pastor in the Southern Baptist circles).

I have enclosed a photograph showing the audience in the main auditorium. It is thrilling to see such a response.


I have also enclosed another photograph of one of the three services I spoke at Sunday morning at nearby Fellowship Bible Church (I also spoke at their Saturday evening services—speaking to close to 5000 people at this church in total).


We shipped 12 pallets of books down for these events—and more than half of these have already gone!

This is the first time AiG has been in this area with major speaking (although we were in Russellville, Arkansas, more than ten years ago, but that is a little bit of a drive away), and it is very fertile ground. I have found that people are hungry for the truth.

By the time you read this blog, we will have spoken to a few thousand children/teenagers at the special school assemblies in the morning and afternoon. Please pray for the final session of the AiG conference tonight.

After I spoke last night, a television crew from a secular TV station (KFSM, CBS affiliate) interviewed me for a special piece they are doing on the creation/evolution issue.

My wife Mally is with me in Arkansas (now that we have finished homeschooling our kids, she can travel with me a bit). While I was writing this blog, a friend from California sent me an email with a photograph of the two of us taken while we were out there recently—so I thought I would include that, as it is quite a nice photo of the two of us.


One News Now Item on Museum had the following report recently on the Creation Museum:

The Creation Museum, the world’s largest museum that looks at Earth’s history from a biblical perspective, continues to attract more visitors than expected and to offer extra attractions.

Since its opening last Memorial Day weekend, more than 300,000 visitors have toured the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. Officials with Answers in Genesis, which operates the museum, had anticipated 250,000 visitors for the first year. According to AiG founder Ken Ham, the museum is attracting many non-Christians.

“Now there are secular tours bringing people here, bringing busloads of people,” Ham shares. “So there’s a lot of non-Christians coming through here, and they’re fascinated by the place—and we know that some of them have been very challenged by the message that's here.”

[Note: As of today, over 370,00 people have visited the Creation Museum since opening—we are definitely on target to get close to or even exceed 400,000 by the 12-month anniversary]

You can read the entire report.

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