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Sometimes in my public presentations I remind people that it only takes one Luther, or one Wesley, or one Moody, etc., to change a country—or change the world. And I must admit, I do get frustrated at times as I experience many examples of people in the church who shrink back when it really comes to the crunch as to whether they will stand on the authority of God’s Word because of the fear of man!

Martin Luther is one of my heroes of the faith (albeit a fallible hero). I will never forget the time Mally and I stood on the plaque in Germany (in the city of Worms), right where it is believed Martin Luther stood when he uttered those famous words, ‘Here I stand [on Scripture] I can do no other, God help me’ (see photograph below). image001.gif How we need more Luthers in the church today—men and women prepared to stand on the authority of God’s Word despite the human consequences for doing so.

Well today I received a letter from a young man whom I consider a hero for the faith. Read this stirring testimony about this young ‘Luther’ and be challenged in regard to your own stand on the authority of the Word of God:

Mr. Ham, I am 17 and am junior at a Christian School. I have been to the Creation Museum and have gotten hooked on the Authority of God’s Word. I love your blog, books, and videos. They have had a major influenced on my view of Scripture and have impacted my Bible study at my school.
Recently I have learned that my science department promotes theistic evolution. Evolution has been taught as fact in the high school for quite some time and God’s account of creation has not been taught in the science classroom.
This is heavy on my heart and I began to pray for the science position of my school. I am ready to be a Luther and stand on the Word of God. I have found a few teachers in the school that are creationists and found out they have been praying for the science position at my Christian school for a longtime. Just recently I have had a meeting with the headmaster and principal about having a Creation Conference. They have begun to set aside a couple of days next year for a creation conference. God is answering our prayers and the headmaster is sending the school’s science teachers (some are evolutionists) and Bible teachers to the Creation Museum…
I will also be coming up that day to hear you speak... The headmaster is also buying a copy of Evolution Exposed for every teacher to own. If God be for you who can be against you? I am praying and looking forward to the day that God’s account of creation is taught in my school. I can’t wait to come to the museum again…and hear you speak in person (I quote you often in many of my teaching sessions at school and church). Thank you for standing on God’s flawless, infallible Word. Proverbs 30:5-6. God has used you to greatly impact my life.
Be encouraged that God is raising up a generation to stand for Him!


By the time you read this, Mally and I will be in San Diego, California, getting ready for the AiG conference, and church services at Marantha Chapel. For a detailed itinerary, go to the calendar on the AiG website.


An Associated Press article about the new book Darwin’s Plantation, which Dr. Charles Ware and I authored, is front page news in our local newspaper, the Kentucky Enquirer. The AP reporter called me recently and conducted a telephone interview with me about the book. For a secular article in a secular newspaper, I thought it turned out very fair—and not a bad photo of me actually. The article begins:

The founder of a popular Kentucky Christian museum that rejects evolution says in a new book that Darwin's theory fuels racism and genocide. Ken Ham, who opened the Creation Museum in Petersburg last year, and co-author Charles Ware, president of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, have written "Darwin's Plantation: Evolution's Racist Roots," arguing that the theory fueled the Nazi belief in racial superiority and the murderous policies of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. "What Darwinian evolution did I would say is provide what people thought was a scientific justification for separation of races," Ham said in an interview.
It is interesting to note some of the comments from evolutionists—eg:
David L. Schultz, associate professor of biology at Nicholls State University in Louisiana, said Darwin was egalitarian and had a history of speaking out against slavery. "Darwin was not a racist," he said.
I don’t know how one could read Darwin’s Descent of Man (the book written about 10 years after Origin of Species where he specifically applies his evolutionary ideas to man—stating that certain groups of people like the Australia Aborigines and others were closer to apes, etc.) and not believe Darwinian evolution promoted racism. As soon as you insist that some people groups (Darwin called races) are lower than others and more closely related to animals—that is racism! But, because evolution is taught as FACT in the public schools, evolutionists don’t want the general public to know the truth about the real nature of Darwin’s evolutionary ideas.

You can read the entire article at:


Another article circulating in newspapers/web articles around the world, especially dealing with the influence of AiG in Europe, states:

After the Sunday service in Westminster Chapel, where worshippers were exhorted to wage "the culture war" in the World War II spirit of Sir Winston Churchill, cabbie James McLean delivered his verdict on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.
"Evolution is a lie, and it's being taught in schools as fact, and it's leading our kids in the wrong direction," said McLean, chatting outside the chapel. "But now people like Ken Ham are tearing evolution to pieces."
Ken Ham is the founder of Answers in Genesis, a U.S.-based organization that is part of an ambitious effort to bring creationist theory to Britain and the rest of Europe. McLean is one of a growing number of evangelicals embracing that message _ that the true history of the Earth is told in the Bible, not Darwin's "The Origin of Species."
The first I heard of this article was when I was on a live national radio talk show on Friday (with Janet Folger), a lady called in to say the major paper in her area in Wisconsin carried this story—including photographs, etc. I have attached a scan of part of the Wisconsin article. You can read the entire article on this MSNBC link:


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