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Yahoo! News had an article this week that stated:

Scientists on Wednesday said they have an explanation how one of Saturn’s moons can spew out a giant plume of water vapor, adding to evidence a source of life—water—lies beneath the moon's frozen surface.
Further on the article stated:
Finding organisms different from those on Earth may provide scientists with answers to questions ranging from where diseases come from to how our sun and planets formed more than 4.5 billion years ago.
It is so sad that millions of dollars are being spent on researching the universe, but the underlying philosophy is often that scientists want to find answers to how life arose, and in this case, “from where diseases come from.” They are “willingly ignorant” that the God of the universe has already given us the answers as to how life arose (Genesis 1:1) and also as to why there are diseases—because of sin. I am just so thrilled that God has raised up scientists such as those at AiG (and many others) whose research clearly confirms that the Bible is the ANSWER book of the universe.

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You will enjoy this email received this week:

Answers in Genesis is my favorite ministry. I recently received your Answers with Impact Financial Statement. I read it cover to cover and was overwhelmed again with the integrity that AiG walks in. We are so grateful for all you do. We had the privilege of visiting the museum this summer with a film crew who does not know Jesus. They too were blown away by the quality and message of the museum. We support many ministries, but I have yet to see one who has the level of accountability to their readers as you do. It is such an honor to support you. You are reaching the world for Christ.P.S. My children have read most of your books, and we have given many away. They have a very strong biblical worldview due in part to your educational resources. Thanks again!

From the Southwest Airlines website a sad sign of the times:

Gay-Friendly Destinations . . . . Let us take you to cities known for welcoming cultural diversity. Traveling to destinations known for hosting gay events and activities is a great opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends.
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