Baby boom continues at AiG!

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We’ve seen a number of babies born to staff members in recent months. Dale Mason, VP of Media and Marketing, sent me this email after seeing two newly blessed AiG couples in church:

“Lee & Candace and Joel & Michelle were in church today [last Sunday] with their newborns. The babies were born within 3 days of each other, they’re both girls, and the families (for both of them this is the first child) live within about a block and half of each other, and in the same neighborhood as staff member Amy [Museum VP Mike Zovath’s assistant] in Burlington.

“Both sets of parents were as ‘proud’ as they come—with big beaming smiles—and the babies were mommy-magnets between church services!

“Ken, it’s neat to see our people—deeply committed to the Lord Jesus and to serving Him—obeying that Genesis mandate to ‘be fruitful and multiply’!”

baby-1.jpg baby-2.JPG

Joel and Michelle at the far left with their newborn daughter; Lee and Candace’s baby on the right

As a tribute to these new moms (and to another AiG couple, Jesse and Cydney, who had a baby three months ago, and for two other women on staff who are expecting), Dr. David Menton gave a devotional Thursday morning to the whole staff on the theme “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”—it was a shortened version of the video and lecture of the same name that talks about the miracle after miracle that occurs to produce a human life, and that life begins at conception. If you’ve never watched this video, you are in for a treat–you will praise God for His incredible power in creation.



Dr. Georgia Purdom (AiG researcher/speaker) sent me the following feedback from one of her students enrolled in the AiG Answers Education Online (by the way—if you haven’t thought about you—or someone you know such as a school/college student doing this course—I would encourage you to seriously consider this. This student clearly presented why a ministry such as Answers in Genesis is needed in this day and age:

“Hi, I’m in 9th grade and go to a public school. My mom introduced AiG to me in 8th—a year after I started to go public school. I was struggling with my science class because my teacher was a strong evolutionist and would bash Christians and anyone who didn’t believe in evolution. I am a Christian and often felt inferior in class because of what he would say. It was hard for me since I didn’t know anything about what he was saying and how much of it was true and not true.

“I’ve been in Sunday school all my life and we were never taught answers to the faith against evolution. When my mom showed me AiG [resources], I ended up to have to filter my science book through it on a lot of chapters. I’m taking this class so that I can be better prepared for my science class and can give my friends answers.”

Thanks for stopping by … and thanks for praying–especially for my speaking tour of Scotland, where I am right now.


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