Evolutionists and peppered moths—in the news again

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The famous “peppered moth” example that has appeared in most public school science textbooks over the years is in the news again.

When I was a teacher back in Australia (in the 1970s), this was claimed to be one of the best examples of evolution in action. But I always explained to my students that this was just an example of natural selection in action—which has nothing to do with molecules-to-man evolution. A few years ago, it was reported that the research that gave rise to the peppered moth example had been found to be fraudulent—laboratory moths were glued on trees, thus bringing the entire research into question.

Well, an evolutionist has revived the peppered moth research and claims to have verified the initial conclusions. This is being touted once again as great evidence for molecules-to-man evolution—but read the article carefully. It has NOTHING to do with evolution, per se—it is just an example of numbers of variations of a kind of moth changing because of birds that eat them. AiG has <many articles on its website explaining natural selection and that it is NOT molecules-to-man evolution.

By the way, next Monday on our website, Paul Taylor of our sister ministry in the UK (I’m in the UK right now) will look at this new research and give a more in-depth analysis. Meanwhile, you can read the latest article on the peppered moth from the evolutionist perspective at:


Pray for my speaking tour of Scotland—I have been on the Isle of Lewis the past two days and will report on that later right here on this blog.

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