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Today Dr. Russell Fuller, Professor of Old Testament at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville—one of the largest seminaries in the world---visited AiG to be videoed in a special segment on the meaning of the word "day" in Genesis 1, for one of the exhibits in the Creation Museum. Dr. Fuller made it very plain in his video segment that the word "yom" used for each of the six days of creation in Genesis 1, means an ordinary day. Dr. Fuller is a Hebrew scholar who received his Ph.D from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. He is considered an expert in his field of the Hebrew language.

It is so thrilling to have men of this caliber willing to stand up and teach what the Bible so clearly states in Genesis—instead of the usual compromise with millions of years that so permeates the Christian scholarly world.

I’ve included two photographs of Dr. Fuller, Dave Jolly and myself as we showed Dr. Fuller the Museum construction.

080906_1.jpg 080906_2.jpg


It is so special to receive encouraging letters like this:

Your ministry has been an absolute blessing to our family. We have a 5 year old with Autism. Many kids with the disorder have an unusual fixation or obsession. Joey's is dinosaurs! Problem was every book, video, etc. taught evolution. A friend told me about AIG and I haven't stopped praising God. We purchased Dino's, Genesis,& the Gospel and thought we were getting it just for Joey.

We had no idea we would find encouragement to do something the Lord was calling us to do-to home school our 3 children. I feel the Lord leading me to share what I've learned from AIG with our church so we can leave a godly legacy and not lose the next generation. Can't wait to visit the museum! Joey is so excited! God Bless, Amy


The Cincinnati Post newspaper has once again (which is typical of what we’ve see of this newspaper over the years) misrepresented AiG—when they know better! Over and over (and over and over!!) again we have told reporters (and stated in articles, letters, etc.) that AiG is NOT an advocacy group trying to get alternative views like creation taught alongside evolution in public schools! In an editorial on the creation/evolution and public school debate in Kansas this week, The Cincinnati Post included this paragraph:

(In Kentucky, however, the debate appears to be going strong, if only because it is home to Answers in Genesis, an advocacy group that champions the teaching of options to Darwinian evolution in schools, and because its governor, Ernie Fletcher, has endorsed teaching intelligent design in public schools.)

We submitted a letter to editor, so we’ll see if they print it—to once again correct one of their misrepresentations of the AiG ministry.

I’ve also included a photograph of the Creation Museum taken last week from behind the new Arch bridge.


Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.

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