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A Kentucky Post reporter who visited the office and interviewed me a few days ago had a "Q & A" article based on the interview published in today’s (Saturday) Kentucky Post. The reporter had my answers transcribed from a recording he made, so even though he couldn’t put in everything I said, he used my words just as I spoke to him. It’s good to see such articles where we are quoted accurately. You can read the entire article at: Kentucky Post---Q&A.



Even though we are no longer doing regular museum construction tours as we get ready for a 2007 opening (construction can't be hindered at this point---visitors dropping by can see the bookstore, lobby and offices, but there are no construction tours, as that would hinder work), a local church group managed to squeeze in a visit on a "off day" and was photographed here in the museum lobby. Most of them attend Grace Fellowship in Florence, Kentucky, one of the churches most supportive of AiG anywhere in the country (its missions committee generously gives to AiG).


I was raised as an atheist and had always assumed that evolution was true because that was all they taught in school. When I came to Christ three years ago (the summer before my senior year in high school), I knew that God had created everything but I wasn't able to adequately express that to myself or others. Thankfully the Lord put me in touch with a science teacher who knew the truth about creation and who helped me to find this website.

The Lord had already put it on my heart to major in physics and to go for secondary education certification and, thanks to this ministry, I have been able to stand strong at college and grow in the Lord! This ministry has also equiped me to teach others about God's creation and to share in my college classes about God's glory! I would especially like to thank:

  • Dr. Jason Lisle, for helping me to explain to others (especially some astronomy labs I've taught) how the heavens declare God's glory and for equiping me to talk to the astrophysicist who sat next to me on a plane ride home from a missions trip.
  • Mike Riddle for coming and speaking at my campus last fall. You helped prepare the way for many long discussions on creation with my classmates! Thank you!
  • Bodie Hodge for always having great answers to tough questions! You've also been an encouragement to me as an example of an engineering major who is so actively seeking the Lord! Also, I thought you might like to know that I gave my life to Christ at a youth conference at your alma mater, SIUC. Maybe you can come down to my neck of the woods sometime? Just a thought.
  • Ken Ham, thank you so much for giving glory to the Lord through this ministry and the many multimedia tools you've worked on!
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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