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The Boone Community Recorder newspaper this week featured two articles on AiG—a front-page article (with a great photograph) of the Creation Museum, and a second article on the new Answers magazine.

In the article on the Creation Museum, the reporter interviewed atheist Ed Kagin (he is the is the Kentucky state director for American Atheists). The article reported:

When the museum was proposed near Big Bone Lick State Park, the Kagins opposed it on the basis of zoning. Edwin Kagin said he's opposed to Answers in Genesis' teaching because it's not science and instead it's myth."It doesn't comply with any of the rules of science," he said.

This was the reference to the time years ago when AiG applied to rezone a property and Ed Kagin and his humanist group moved quickly to oppose the Creation Museum project. Many false rumors were spread through the community—it was a tough time. The county eventually ruled against AiG using the property. However, the Lord led us to the 50 acres where we are now located—a FANTASTIC piece of property right on the freeway, just a few minutes west of the airport! We also decided to build a MUCH bigger Creation Museum. How we praise the Lord for the fact that He allowed Ed Kagin and his atheist friends to oppose us so we would be driven to build a much bigger center, on a infinitely better piece of property, to have a MUCH greater effect on people’s lives!

The report also stated:

Edwin Kagin thinks the museum will be an attraction for awhile but interest will decline. He said the museum will "drive business away from Northern Kentucky" because businesses want to go into an area of intelligent sophistication not into an area of fundamentalist Christianity.

However, the OPPOSITE is true. The same report states:

The site was chosen because of its central location to much of the United States. The museum has almost 7,000 charter members.


Ham said hundreds of thousands of visitors will come to the museum each year. The cafe and lobby have already been expanded because of the anticipated crowds. Ham said companies already want dates for tours.

"It's going to be a great economic, positive economic impact too in Boone County," Ham said, referring to visitors who'll stay in hotels and eat in restaurants.

Citing research, Looy said 70 percent of the museum's visitors during the first year will be from more than 200 miles away.

"It's going to be more than just a Tristate attraction," he said.

The Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau has been working with the museum, according to President Tom Caradonio. He thinks the museum should be a success and it "particularly is going to be useful for attracting religious conventions."

The bureau has already heard from religious groups who are interested in having events there, he said.

The article was a very positive and accurate article. Congratulations to the reporter for good balanced reporting. You can read the entire article at:

Also, for the Recorder online edition, at the following link, beside the photo of the bull under "photo galleries," you will see a link to photos: Creation Museum. There are eight really good photos of various aspects of the museum:


072106_2.jpg 072106_1.jpg 072106_3.jpg

This past Thursday, about 70 Christian leaders attended a special luncheon and Creation Museum construction tour. AiG conducts two luncheons like this per month—funded by an AiG supporter. This supporter also funds putting a generous collection of AiG books and DVDs into the hands of each pastor (see photographs of the luncheon/tour, including one showing the bags of resources presented to each pastor).

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