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We received an interesting email from an atheist today. He stated:

Good day ladies and gentlemen of AIG. To start things off by stating my pressupositional bias; I am most definitely an atheist. However, I would like to thank you all for creating what I consider the most professional, scientific, and intelligent Creation ministry in the world. You've given me a lot of questions to consider, and you've increased my understanding of both of our worldviews. Thanks.


I spent most of today doing some final editing on the book my brother Stephen and I have co-authored on the family. It is entitled The Genesis of a Legacy. It will be released around May this year with a set of DVDs and a curriculum to go with it. To help you understand more about this unique publication, here is a section from the introduction:

This is a very different book—certainly different from anything I’ve written so far. It is part journal, part tribute, part devotional, and part "how-to". But it’s also all heart, an expression of a passion, conviction and commitment to the Word of God—all of which was instilled in us by our parents.

My brother Steve and I deeply desire that the words ahead will be real and honest as we offer glimpses into our childhood and adult lives. As we share with you our journeys in the Ham family, you will see us warts and all. We will share stories from when we were being raised in an Australia, a country that by anyone’s standards would be considered non-Christian and pagan. I’ll talk about my years as a student and a teacher, and about the surprising paths that brought me to where I am today as one of the leaders of the worldwide Answers in Genesis ministry.

Steve and I pray that the words ahead will bring glory to God for all He has done—and all He continues to do—for my family and yours as well.


Pray for Terry Mortenson as he speaks over the next few days. Terry sent me this report on Saturday:

This morning I fly to Pittsburgh. I will speak three times in a church there on Sunday morning: two morning services and a combined adult Sunday school in between. I will speak on why the origins issue is important and on Noah’s Flood.

Monday night I will address a small gathering of pastors and their wives at a restaurant. This is sponsored by the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh. I will speak for about 15 minutes before they eat and then I will give a 60 minute lecture after dinner. The goal is to help them understand why the creation-evolution controversy (and especially the age of the earth) is vitally important. This is the first of four such events that CSF will be hosting for various Pittsburgh pastors and wives over the next four months. Three other speakers (two from AiG) will address them in those meetings.

Tuesday night I speak at a different church on 'Origin of Species: Was Darwin Right?' When I am not speaking during these days, I will be mainly working on some research/writing projects. I appreciate your prayers for my speaking and my study and writing.

Thanks for praying,


To take a break from the editing of the book I did today, Mally and I went to the AiG facility for a look at what was happening with the Creation Museum. A construction crew was installing the Grand Canyon exhibit—wow! The muralist was working on the Garden of Eden mural—it’s only 30% finished and it already looks great! Four of the museum artists/sculptors were hard at work—other staff were catching up on work. It was Saturday, and it looked like a normal office day! Praise the Lord for the dedicated staff.

Thanks for stopping by and keep praying!


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