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It is exciting to see the Creation Museum advancing. I’ve attached a photograph to show you some of the work being done in the bookstore (which is scheduled to open in a month or so), and the artist working on the Garden of Eden mural in the 7 C’s walkthrough area.


We received this very encouraging email about the way AiG raises funds:

Occasionally, I leave an encouraging word for all the good things you do to spread the message that God's Word is reliable. This morning, as I read this e-newsletter, I realized that AiG should be commended for the manner you raise the funds to do this work. I have never felt pushed to give, and have not heard what some consider to be whining or begging for support. I think your gracious and faithful attitude in this regard will actually encourage giving. Once again, thank you for your efforts to spread the Word.


AiG was mentioned positively in a news item on the website of the Canadian office of Focus on the Family. To read the article, go to: Focus on the Family Canada.

I spent most of today with our strategic planning consultant and various staff members as we worked through many organizational issues for the future. It felt so good at the end of the day to know we accomplished so much.

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