Intelligent Design in California

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I was watching CNN this morning as they had a report on a situation in California where a school is being sued because the school board agreed for a teacher to conduct a philosophy class that includes Intelligent Design.

What was very interesting to me was this: I have heard, time and time again, the secularists saying "you can’t have ID or creationism in science classes, you can have them in philosophy or religion classes—but not science classes."

Well, now a school has a class that is not a science class in which ID is mentioned. What I heard on the news this morning from a number of those suing the school was this: "ID or creationism is for church, not for school."

This really illustrates what we’ve been saying for years—the secularists don’t just want mention of creation out of the science classes—they don’t want anyone to hear about this at all! It has nothing to do with science, ultimately, but with their religious basis (naturalism).

More and more I see the secularists starting to show their hand—they are very anti-Christian and that’s what it’s all about. Let’s pray that more and more people wake up to this.


We attended our home church this morning (I felt like a visitor, I’m away so much. In fact, one man came up and said he’s been wanting to meet me for years. I found out he’s been at the church for years!). We then took our family to a new Mexican restaurant in the area for lunch. There was so much laughing from our table I think the rest of the restaurant must have been looking at us! But it’s great to have fun as a family.

This afternoon I wrote a foreword for our new Pilgrim’s Progress book and curriculum AiG is publishing soon. And what a curriculum this is—keep your eyes open for when we release this—it is phenomenal! I wish there had been such a curriculum when our children were growing up—but this curriculum is for all ages, so we can still do it as a family. I can’t wait until it’s available. I also edited one of the video scripts for the museum and checked through a book order for a coming seminar—there is always work to be done. So many of our staff have weekends like this where they are writing, answering emails or doing other things for AiG—I know because I get their emails, phone calls, or I see them at the office!

Bodie Hodge is speaking at a church near Dry Ridge (south of Florence) tonight (Sunday). Terry Mortenson (see yesterday’s blog) is out speaking also.

Well, another busy week ahead—lots of meetings, radio interviews—and then off to New Jersey for a major AiG conference next weekend with Dr. Dave Menton and Buddy Davis. See the event page for details.

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