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The Bible instructs all Christians to be “masters” at defending the faith with a ready answer for why we believe (1 Peter 3:15). And a new program through the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) allows believers to formalize that mastery—from just about anywhere.

ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics recently launched an online master of Christian education degree to equip students with solid tools to defend the Bible in a secular culture. Taking about twenty-four months, the program works around just about any schedule. Through online seminars and publications, students dive into Genesis, apologetics, creation research, and worldviews.

But as Dr. James J. S. Johnson, chief academic officer, explains, the degree isn’t just about learning information. “The dominant emphasis is comprehension and practical application, not memorizing miscellaneous details or fancy vocabulary.”

Grab a latte and your laptop and build up your understanding of why the Bible can be trusted.

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April – June 2012

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