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Are there other life-supporting planets in the universe? Find out in this issue of Answers.

The January 2014 issue of Answers is arriving in mailboxes now. You won’t want to miss this testament to God’s design and purpose for the earth. From the beautiful and imaginative cover to the gorgeous creation photo poster in the back, this issue brings you more of what you expect from the premier creation and biblical worldview magazine—literally! And beginning with the January 2014 issue, Answers has added eight more pages of articles!

The Bible tells us God made the earth to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18), and from the aww inspiring to the awe inspiring, He shows His creativity in the variety and diversity of His creatures.

The Aww-Inspiring Koala

If you hear “cute” and “Down Under,” what comes to mind? Surely it’s the koala. Yet beneath that cuddly exterior is another reminder of the Creator’s caring provision for His creatures. This one-of-a-kind joey lives on poison!

Northern Gannets—Death-Defying Dive Bombers

Warplanes still patrol the Atlantic skies, though World War II is long over. They outmatch anything humans have ever engineered. With unruffled ease, they crash into the sea at breakneck speed, swim to their objective, and then fly away.

With such a variety of life on the earth, can we expect to find the same thing on other planets? After all, new technology has proven that we’re not alone—our galaxy is filled with billions and billions of planets. This proves earth is nothing special, right? Hardly. This issue’s special section examines the contrasts that show just how special our home really is.


Our Earth–Just Right for Life

We’re just one out of millions of planets where life is likely to exist. You’ll hear this claim more and more. Don’t believe it. Even the best planets found so far don’t come close to reaching the minimum requirements, and the list is longer than you think.

Our Sun–Not Just Another Star

Ever heard this? Our sun is just a tiny yellow star in a vast collection that could support life. Well, don’t believe it. The minimum requirement of a life-supporting star is missing from all the other stars. Our God-given sun appears to be unique.

Our Moon–A Perfect Partner

You’ve probably never heard it in discussions about the basic requirements for extraterrestrial life. But our moon isn’t just a pretty dot in the night sky—it helps make life possible. And as far as we know, no other planet in the universe has anything like it.

Our Atmosphere–A Unique Blend

As long as a planet is the right size, it could retain an atmosphere with all the right ingredients needed for life. Just one problem. No known planet does. It’s not just the right elements that are needed but the combination of elements. Earth is unique.

So, in the ideal position around a unique star, orbited by a moon perfectly matched to life’s needs and with an atmosphere unlike any other, the earth seems to have been specifically designed from the start. How likely is it that life evolved here by chance? For the answer, travel with geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom to the Galápagos Islands.

Iguana and Finch

Galápagos Islands—Revisiting Darwin’s Laboratory

Barren lava fields, water-loving reptiles, one-of-a-kind birds—the Galápagos Islands are a scientist’s dream come true. A lab to test your ideas. When Darwin arrived, he saw evolution. But when you start with the Bible, you’ll see the Creator everywhere.

In addition to evidences for creation on Galápagos, this issue brings you a valuable tool for understanding secular natural history museums from a biblical viewpoint.

Seeing the Field Museum with New Eyes

Sue is the largest and most complete T. rex ever discovered, and you can see her majesty at only one place—Chicago’s Field Museum. Natural history museums store some of earth’s greatest treasures, so it’d be a mistake to avoid them altogether, just because they get their story wrong. You need to bring a different set of eyes!

Of course, there’s much more. You’ll be equipped by solid application of a biblical worldview in articles by Ken Ham and the experts at Answers in Genesis.

Pastor Avoids Genesis

Illustration by Dan Flynn

Millions of Years—Are Souls at Stake?

When creationists take a strong stand that God created the earth six thousand years ago, they’re often accused of making this a salvation issue. Well, it isn’t a salvation issue—but it is!

What If My Pastor Avoids Genesis?

Why are Adam and Eve some of the last people to visit our churches? After all, Genesis is the starting point and foundation of God’s revelation about redemption! Well, if you really care about change, you need to know the stumbling blocks that must be overcome.

Every Mormon’s Need for Rest

What goes through your mind when a Mormon knocks at your door? Oh no, I can’t remember all those technical answers I studied years ago! A former Mormon shares how every Christian already knows the answer to their greatest need.

From other articles, you’ll learn about friendly viruses, the creation of Hawaii, and a biblical view of math and other “neutral” subjects (are they really neutral?). Plus, you’ll enjoy a fascinating experiment with ice, a beautiful photo poster of the Milky Way submitted by an Answers reader, and more. And don’t miss some of the best online subscriber exclusives yet, including several book and video excerpts and a creationist tour of a natural history museum.

Masters of Disguise

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