For Uncle Earnest

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My wife has an uncle who—from my earthbound perspective—needs this issue of Answers.

In fact, we’ll be mailing him a copy, along with a personal letter as soon as we receive the first shipment.

And we’ll be praying that he will read it with an open mind . . . although it’s really not his mind that needs changed.

You see, when my wife’s uncle—let’s just call him “Earnest”—was in school way back in the 1930s and early ’40s, he had a “heart attack.” Young Earnest was raised in a Christian home, and he heard all the same Sunday school lessons as his siblings. But those lessons didn’t connect the Bible to science. No one was there to teach him about Flood geology or Genesis astronomy and biology. And, frankly, Earnest chose the beliefs of secular scientists over the history of the Bible.

When he got to high school, a teacher that he admired “attacked” his heart. That teacher blew holes in the Sunday school stories about Creation, the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Flood, etc. The teacher had naturalistic “facts” about millions-of-years-old rocks and billions-of-years-old stars and galaxies. (They were only ideas, really, but the guys in white lab coats called them facts.)

Earnest looked for answers, but neither his pastor nor his father could defend God’s Word in these areas. They had no answers, and Uncle Earnest lost faith in the credibility of the Bible. Investing his faith in science, he soon abandoned his parent’s teaching. They could be comforted by illogical stories of creation and salvation. He could not.

If this issue of Answers had been available back when Uncle Earnest first suffered his heart attack, would he have stopped believing the Bible? I don’t know. But maybe now he’ll see that he’s using faulty science as a crutch not to believe God’s Word. For the Creator’s glory,

Dale Mason
Publisher/Executive Editor

P. S. Uncle Earnest, if you’re reading this, please keep reading! The astronomy focus of this issue answers many of the questions that you have wrestled with for decades. You think you’ll never change. But if God is calling you, you will! (We love you)

“I’m excited to see how each new issue of Answers magazine takes on difficult questions that challenge the church today. This issue grapples with space and the origin of the universe. Learn the latest thinking by the leading minds in creation astronomy, and see how God’s Word makes sense of our world. This is one magazine you need to read cover-to-cover!”
Ken Ham, President/CEO, Answers in Genesis–USA

Answers Magazine

January – March 2008

This collector’s quality issue is a special, extended 112-page issue about astronomy, covering the big bang, black holes, space exploration, and much more!

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