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How Well Do You Know Your Authority?

An Evaluation

on September 12, 2007

See how well you know the Bible by taking the following quiz.

  1. The Bible is
    1. God's sufficient word to man.
    2. the only book ever written whose author is always present when it's read.
    3. God's revelation of Himself to the world.
    4. all of the above

  2. The main theme of the Bible is
    1. the history of the Jewish nation.
    2. the glory of God through the redemption of man by the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
    3. the presentation of God's Law.
    4. how to live a perfect life via the Ten Commandments.

  3. How many books are in the Bible?
    1. 66 (39 in the Old Testament, 27 in the New Testament)
    2. 66 (39 in the New Testament, 27 in the Old Testament)
    3. 66 (33 in the Old Testament, 33 in the New Testament)
    4. none of the above

  4. The word testament means
    1. covenant.
    2. testimony.
    3. book.
    4. examination.

  5. The original Bible manuscripts were written in which languages?
    1. Old Testament in Hebrew, New Testament in Latin
    2. Old Testament in Greek, New Testament in Hebrew and Aramaic
    3. Old Testament in Greek, New Testament in Hebrew
    4. Old Testament in Hebrew and Aramaic, New Testament in Greek

  6. Writers of the Bible came from which occupations?
    1. shepherds, doctors, generals
    2. politicians, herdsmen, priests
    3. fishermen, tax collectors, kings
    4. all of the above

  7. The term inspired means
    1. dictated by God.
    2. etched by God's finger.
    3. breathed by God.
    4. none of the above

  8. The first item ever printed in book form on the printing press was
    1. English dictionary.
    2. Old Testament (in 30 BC).
    3. New Testament (in AD 1525).
    4. Holy Bible (in AD 1455).

  9. Which authors did God use to write almost one third of the books of the Bible?
    1. Paul and John
    2. David and Solomon
    3. Moses and Paul
    4. Solomon and Moses

  10. The first book believed to have been written was
    1. Genesis.
    2. Psalms.
    3. Job.
    4. Exodus.

  11. “Infallible Word of God” means the Bible is
    1. written by God's own hands.
    2. without error.
    3. not misleading.
    4. b and c.

  12. What is so unique about the Bible?
    1. The Bible claims to be the divinely inspired Word of God.
    2. It has sold more copies, by far, than any other book ever printed.
    3. It has survived every attempt to extinguish it.
    4. all of the above

  13. Why do Protestants not consider the Apocryphal books as part of God's Word?
    1. Jesus never quoted from them.
    2. They were never included in the Hebrew Bible.
    3. God had ceased to send prophets to His people (the Jews) before those books were written.
    4. all of the above

  14. Of the 1,189 chapters in the Bible, the longest one is
    1. Psalm 119.
    2. Luke 2.
    3. Psalm 117.
    4. Esther 8.

  15. How much of Jesus’ ministry is chronicled in the New Testament?
    1. about 50 days
    2. about 100 days
    3. about 3 years
    4. none of the above

  16. The most mentioned name in the Bible, aside from Jesus and God, is
    1. Moses.
    2. Paul.
    3. David.
    4. Abraham.

  17. The Bible has been the single greatest influence over the years on
    1. law.
    2. literature.
    3. arts.
    4. all of the above

  18. Portions of the Bible have been printed in how many languages?
    1. nearly 100
    2. over 300
    3. over 500
    4. over 2,000

  19. Jesus quoted from how many Old Testament books?
    1. 6
    2. 12
    3. 24
    4. 39

  20. The Word of God is described in Scripture as
    1. a seed.
    2. a fire.
    3. a sword.
    4. all of the above

My score: ____________ of 20


1. d., 2. b., 3. a., 4. a., 5. d., 6. d., 7. c., 8. d., 9. c., 10. c., 11. d., 12. d., 13. d., 14. a., 15. c., 16. c., 17. d., 18. d, 19. c., 20. d.

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