News to Note, July 31, 2010

A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint


Bye-bye, big bang?; the wearable therapy; Cro-Magnon frogs; marsupial mysteries; and more!

1. Rejecting Big Bang as Fact

Is the big bang a scientific “fact” rejected only by young-earth creationists? A new physics paper shows otherwise.

2. Report of Stem Cells Derived from Human Skin

A news report touts the advantages and promise of stem cells derived from human skin.

3. How Frog-Hopping Evolved?

Does a “primitive” frog show how frog-hopping evolved?

4. Kangaroos from America?

The kangaroo may be an Australian icon, but according to some scientists, kangaroos and other marsupials have American roots.

5. Bold Claims Regarding the Creation-Evolution Debate

“My generation of evangelicals is . . . ready to be done with the whole evolution-creation debate. We are ready to move on.” Those are among the bold claims from a young evangelical who now “embrace[s] evolution.”

6. And Don’t Miss . . .

  • “Somewhere in the Milky Way, astronomers have found a world that sports crucial ingredients for life.” But hold your excitement, for the ScienceNOW article adds, “Alas, the planet is Earth.” In reporting on a successful test of one technique for studying extrasolar planets, the article reminds us how unique our own planet is among the many that have been discovered to date.
  • It’s a minor discovery that, excluding the evolutionary spin, shows tetrapod limbs did not evolve from fish fins: a study has found that limbs such as human arms connect to the nervous system in a different way than fish fins.
  • ScienceNOW reports on the incredible ability of leaf miner moths to keep dying leaves alive. Could this be a glimpse of the symbiotic workings of a pre-Fall world?
  • An article in the Billings Magic reviews dinosaur-related locations in Montana—and includes the creationist Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum under the heading “a different perspective,” noting that the facility is the second-largest dinosaur museum in the state.
  • Was the Garden of Eden actually in South Africa?

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