News to Note, December 8, 2012

A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint

Trilobites, of mice and men, Pat Robertson on the age of the earth, beauty of the beast, Christ in Christmas

1. Local Laboratory Restores Trilobite Fossils

Local laboratory restores trilobite fossils.

2. Pinpointed Origin of Intelligence

Evolutionary researchers claim to have pinpointed the origin of intelligence.

3. Pat Robertson Sticks to Revealed Science Over the Word of God

Pat Robertson’s word on the age of the earth adheres to “revealed science” over the revealed Word of God.

4. Can the Cheetah Out-Run Extinction?

Can the world’s fastest cat win its race against the threat of extinction?

5. Nativity Scenes Questioned

“Christmas isn’t a dirty word.”

And Don’t Miss . . .

  • Don’t miss Christmas Town at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky, our annual free gift to the region celebrating the coming of our Savior into the world to redeem fallen man. The production includes a live nativity. You can stroll through a garden full of tens of thousands of dazzling lights. Dramatic productions in first-century style clothing highlight the point of view of key figures in the historical events surrounding Christ’s birth and share some of true history that escapes the notice of many today. Each year new features are added to Christmas Town, so even if you’ve been before, be sure to pack up the family, grab some friends, and come again! In addition to the many touching and informative indoor and outdoor displays and dramas, this year you have the opportunity to purchase a turkey dinner in Noah’s Café, a planetarium ticket, and a five dollar admission ticket for the entire Creation Museum after 5pm, which is staying open late for these special nights. And the popular first century marketplace is a great source for unusual Christmas gifts and tangible reminders of the true history of the season. See for details.

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