The acclaimed Answers in Genesis “Creation Museum” is a one-of-a-kind, high-tech museum, filled with animatronic displays (e.g., moving dinosaurs), striking videos, a state-of-the-art planetarium, Special Effects Theater, etc., that is spread out over 70,000 square feet incorporating up to 40-foot ceilings to contain some of its massive exhibits. The museum goes beyond telling the compelling story of the creation of life on this planet to proclaiming the Bible as supreme authority in all matters it addresses.

At its 49-acre location in northern Kentucky 2 exits west of the Cincinnati Airport, this $27 million “walk through history” museum counters evolutionary natural history museums that turn minds against Scripture—and Jesus Christ, the Creator of the universe.

As the museum presents its walk through the history of the Bible, visitors will see real dinosaur bones (and a clutch of eggs and other exceptional fossils), examine a superb mineral collection, take a tour of the universe inside a state-of-the-art 78-seat planetarium, and experience what they would typically find in a first-class natural history museum. Outside, there is mile-long nature trail around a scenic three-acre lake that takes visitors through the beautiful botanical garden, which ends at a unique petting zoo.

The museum’s striking exhibits demonstrate to guests that the Bible is the “true history book of the universe” as they take a time journey through a visual presentation of the “Seven C’s of History” according to Scripture: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation. In the years (it opened Memorial Day 2007) the Creation Museum has attracted nearly two million visitors and the world’s major media.

Note: Media requests should be directed to Melany Ethridge of A. Larry Ross Communications at (972) 267-1111 ext. 204, [email protected]. Downloadable b-roll video is available upon request.

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This website is intended for members of the media who are researching and/or writing or producing news and feature pieces on the Creation Museum. Please visit or call (888) 582-4253 for complete information to help plan your trip. If you are seeking print or multimedia resources to help promote your church’s upcoming trip to the museum, please contact Rachel Bosket by email at [email protected]. Email is the preferred method of contact. If you do not have access to email you may call (888) 582-4253.


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