The Ark Encounter

Answers in Genesis operates two world-class attractions in Northern Kentucky. The newest (July 2016) is the Ark Encounter, America’s next big tourist attraction. Located on 800 beautiful acres off I-75 south of Cincinnati, AiG, the builder of the successful Creation Museum, constructed a one-of-a-kind themed attraction with a huge, life-size Noah’s Ark as a centerpiece. Over the years, additional phases are planned at the Williamstown site to bring to life events from the Bible.

The Ark is the largest freestanding, timber-frame structure in the world at 510 feet long, measuring over two football fields in length. Behind the Ark is the Ararat Ridge Zoo, which includes a petting zoo, and to the right of the Ark are several zip lines. The Ark is located 40 miles from both downtown Cincinnati and the Creation Museum. About 190 million Americans (and millions of Canadians) live within 650 miles of the Ark.

Ark Encounter

Photo by Paul DeCesare.

Future phases include a pre-Flood walled city, Tower of Babel, and other attractions. The first phase of the Ark Encounter cost just over $100 million. Over 250 media turned out for the first two days of the Ark’s operation.

Creation Museum

The acclaimed Creation Museum is a one-of-a kind, high-tech museum filled with animatronic displays (e.g., moving dinosaurs), exceptional specimens (such as a $1 million allosaur dinosaur skeleton), a state-of-the art planetarium, Special Effects Theater, and more, all spread out over 75,000 square feet.

The museum goes beyond telling the compelling account of creation of life on this planet but extends to proclaiming the Bible as the supreme authority in all matters.

At its 70-acre location in Northern Kentucky, just two exits west of the Cincinnati Airport, this $30 million “walk through history” museum counters evolutionary natural history museums that turn minds against the Bible and Jesus Christ, the Creator of the Universe. With exceptional fossils, minerals, and a world-class insect exhibit, visitors experience what they would typically find in any first-class natural history museum in the world.

Outside, one of the most beautiful gardens in the Midwest awaits visitors, with a mile-long nature trail around a scenic three-acre lake. The grounds also include a petting zoo and the largest zip line course in the Midwest.

General Public and Groups

This page is designed for members of the media who are researching and producing news items on the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. If you are not with the media, you can plan your trip to the Creation Museum by going to or calling (888) 582-4253. For Ark Encounter group planning, please visit or call (855) 284-3275.

If you represent a church or other group and seek print resources to help promote your group’s upcoming trip to the museum and/or Ark Encounter, please contact us via email or call (888) 582-4253.


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